Heart Anatomy Coronary Circulation & Pulmonary Circulation 5

  1. What is considered the cardiac conduction system?
    • Sinoatrial Node ( SA)
    • Internodal Pathways
    • Atrioventricular Node
    • Budle of HIS
    • Bundle Branches
    • Purkinje Fibers
  2. Blood flow through the heart and Pulmonary arteries?
    • SVC, IVC & Coronary Sinus
    • Rt Atrium
    • Tricuspid Valve
    • Rt Ventricle
    • Pulmonary Semiluner Valve
    • Main Pulmonary artery (trunk)
    • Lt & Rt Pulonary arteries
    • Lungs ( o2 exchange)

    • Lungs
    • Oxygenated blood
    • 4 pulonary Veins ( 2 Rt & 2 Lt)
    • Lt Atrium
    • Mitral Valve
    • Lt Ventricle
    • Aortic Semilunar Valve
    • RCA, Lt Main Coronary Artery Asending aorta
  3. Where does the inferior Vena Cava Drain?
    Brings blood from parts of the heart and drains into the Rt. Atrium
  4. Where does the Superior vena cava drain?
    Brings blood from parts of the body superior to the heart and empties into the Rt. Atrium
  5. Where does the middle cardiac vein drain?
    It drains the posterior aspect of the heawrt and empties into the coronary sinus vein
  6. Where does the great cardiac vein drain?
    It drains into the anterior aspect of the heart and empties into the coronary sinus vein
  7. What are the pupose of heart valves?
    To prevent back flow of the blood into the adjacent chambers or vessels
  8. What do the anterior interventricular sulcus and the posterior interventricular sulcus seperate?
    It seperates the ventricles
  9. What is the Coronary Sulcus?
    It is the groove that separates the atria from the ventricles externaly
  10. What are the four Chambers of the Heart?
    • Rt and Lt Atrium
    • - The Atria are thin walled chambers that receive blood.

    • Rt and lt Ventricle
    • -The Ventricles are thick walled which pump the lower chambers
  11. What are the layers of the heart called if they become inflammed?


  12. What are the Three layers of the Heart?
    Epicardium - Outermost layer also called the vesceral.

    Myocardium - Middle layer comprised of muscle responsible for heart contraction.

    Endocardium - Inner most layer which lines the chambers, valves and tendons.
  13. What are the borders of the Heart?
    Left Border - Comprised mostly of the Lt Ventricle and a little of the Lt atrium

    Superior Border - Where the Great Vessels enter and exit the heart and is formed by both atria.

    Right Border - Formed by the Rt Atrium

    Inferior Border - Formed by the Rt Ventricle and a litle of the Lt Ventricle

    Apex - The pointed end of the heart formed by the tip of the lt. Ventricle
  14. What is Pulmonary Circulation?
    The flow of deoxygenated blood from the Rt Ventricle to the lungs and the return of oxygenated blood from the lungs to the Lt Atrium.
  15. What is Coranary Circulation?
    The flow of blood through the nuerous blood vessels that pierce th myocardium
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