Ch 1. Orientation to Human Body

  1. What determines function?
  2. What do atoms form?
  3. What forms molecules and what do molecules form?
    Atoms form molecules and molecules form organelles
  4. 1. What are organelles essential for?
    2. what forms organelles?
    3. what do organelles form?
    • 1. cell function
    • 2. molecules
    • 3. cells
  5. 1. What forms cells?
    2. What do cells form?
    • 1. organelles
    • 2. cells with the same structure & function forms a tissue
  6. 1. What forms a tissue?
    2. What do tissues form?
    • 1. cells with the same structure & function
    • 2. two or more different tissues form an organ
  7. 1. What forms an organ?
    2. What do organs form?
    • 1. two or more different tissues form an organ
    • 2. two or more organs form organ systems
  8. What forms organ systems?
    two or more organs
  9. What forms the human body?
    multiple systems
  10. What is the Integumentary system?
    It is what creates bounderies between the inside and outside of the body. It consists of the skin, hair, nails
  11. What is the Skeletal System?
    bones - internally in our bodies and help with shape
  12. What is the muscular system?
    Muscle attached to bone and creates movement
  13. What is the nervous system?
    The control center - brain, spinal cord, and nerves
  14. What is the endocrine system?
    glands that release hormones. Hormones helps body function
  15. What is the Lymphatic system?
    lymph fluid, lymph vessels - helps with sickness & removing fluids, and such.
  16. What is the Respiratory system?
    lungs, respiratory tract -helps breathing and gets rid of waste
  17. What is the digestive system?
    gastrointestinal tract - absorbs nutrients
  18. What is the urinary system?
    kidney, ureter, urethra, bladder - regulates blood pressure
  19. Reproductive system
    testes, ovary - reproduction
  20. What is developmental anatomy?
    focuses on the changes in body structures as the body ages and grows
  21. What is embryology?
    the study of organ formation & development before birth
  22. What is functional morphology?
    studying the function of body structures & their design efficiency
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