Vocab 9-10

  1. Luceo Lucere Luxi Luctum
    Lux Lucis
    • L
    • to shine
    • light
  2. Lucent
    • Shining; luminous
    • Permitting light to pass throughl translucent
  3. Lucid
    • Clearly expressed;easy to understand.
    • Logical;rational;sane
  4. Eludicate
    To make clear of plain;to clarify
  5. Pellucid
    • Very clear, thus allowing a mazimum of light to pass through; transparents;translucent
    • Very clear in meaning or style
  6. Lumens Lumenis
    • L
    • light
  7. Luminary
    • An object, such as the sun or moon, that gives light.
    • A person who is outstanding in a particular field.
  8. Luminescence
    Light emitted by means other than burning, such as chemical or biochemical action or radiation.
  9. Monstro Monstrare Monstravi Monstratun
    • L
    • to point out
    • to show
  10. Muster
    • To assemble people, esp. troops, for a specific purpose.
    • To gather; to summon
    • "to pass muster"-to measure up to a certain standard
  11. Remonstrate
    To speak in preotest or disapproval
  12. Umbra
    • L
    • shade, shadow
  13. Umbrage
    Extreme offense; resentment
  14. Adumbrate
    • To give a sketchy outline
    • To foreshadow indistinctly
  15. Niger
    • L
    • Black, dark colored
  16. Denigrate
    To speak derogatively of someone's character or reputation; to defame; to disparage
  17. Necromancy
    • The art of predicting events by allegedly communicating with the dead.
    • Black magic; witchcraft; sorcery
  18. Pallo Pallere Pallui Palletum
    • L
    • To be pale, to long for
  19. Pall
    • A cover for a coffin or tomb
    • A coffin, esp. one with a body in it
    • Anything that covers, darkens, obscures, or makes gloomy
    • To become, tiresome, or lifeless
  20. Palliate
    To make a situation, esp. an offnse, seem less serious; to makes excuses for something or someone.
  21. Pallid
    • Deficient in color, having an abnormally pal complexion
    • Lacking color, vitality, or interest;dull
  22. Apo
    • G
    • away from
  23. Apocalypse
    • A prophetic disclosure or revelation, esp. concerning a universal cataclysm
    • Any widespread destruction
    • The last book of the Bible, also known as Revelation which contains prophesies about the ultimate destruction of the world
  24. Apocryphal
    False; counterfeit; doubtful, especially in authorship or authenticity
  25. Apoplexy
    • A stroke; a sudden loss of muscular conrol, sensation, or consciousness usually resulting from rupture or blockage of a blood vessel
    • to describe a state of extreme rage that produces exaggerated responses
  26. Apostate
    A person who forsakes his or her own principles, religion, or allegiances
  27. Castus
    Castigo castigare castigavi castigatum
    • L
    • pure, spotless
    • to punish, to correct, to restrain
  28. Castigate
    To punish; to critisize severely; to chastise
  29. Chasten
    To seek to improve through punishment; to discipline
  30. Claudo Claudere Clausi Clausum
    • L
    • to close
  31. Occlusion
    Something that blocks; an obstruction
  32. Recluse
    Someone who lives alone and aviods company; a hermit
  33. Clavis
    • L
    • Key
  34. Clavier
    A keyboard instrument, like a piano or harpsichord, with strings
  35. Conclave
    A private, exclusive, or secret meeting
  36. Enclave
    • A country entirely or mostly enclosed within the territory of another country
    • A district or group isolated or enclosed within a larger one
  37. Dia
    • G
    • through
  38. Diadem
    A crown or headband worn as a sign of authority
  39. Diatribe
    A abusive criticism or attack
  40. Diametrical
    • Pertaining to a diameter
    • Escactly or completely opposite
  41. Diaspora
    • Any group migration or flight from a country
    • (Capitalized) The dispersion of the Jews from their homeland in the Middle East.
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