1. Black Death
    Burbonic plague which started in 1346 and eventually killed one thierd of all Europeans
  2. Boston Tea Party
    Protest staged December 16, 1773, when an organized squad of rougly sixty colonists dressed up as Mohawk Indians, dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor
  3. Boston Massacre
    Incendiary riot on March 5, 1770 when British soldiers fired into a crowd and killed five people
  4. Committees of Correspondence
    Organized froups of letter writers
  5. Virtual Representation
    Theory endorsed by Parliament that said the House Of Commons represented the intersts of all my king's subjects, wherever they might reside: this was the pretext for rejecting the colonists' demand for actual representation
  6. Stamp Act
    Passed in 1765 this act mandated the use of stamped paper for all official papers, including diplomas, marriage licenses,etc
  7. Sons of Liberty
    Groups of colonial leaders who organized protests, and intimidated stamp officials; their actions caused resignation of all known stamp officials
  8. Pontiac's Rebellion
    Brutal battles between Ottowa Indians and English troops in 1763
  9. Treaty of Paris
    1763 agreement between Spain,England, and France that made the Misssissippi River the boundary between Englands's holding and Spain's and evicted France from North America
  10. Enlightment
    A movement to prioritize the human capacity for reason as the highest form of human attainment
  11. Triangular Trade
    Pattern of trade in which fish, grains, spices, sugar ships, slaves, and gold were traded between the New England Colonies, England, West Indies and Africa
  12. Slave Codes
    Laws meant to govern the slave system of labor
  13. Quakers
    Protestants who believe that Gods will was directly transmitted to people through the inner light of divine knowledge that person possesses within his or her being; this belief was in direct oppostion to the Bible centered Protestant mainstream
  14. Navigation Acts
    Regulations that directed where the colonial producers could ship their goods, stipulated that colonists must transport their goods in English ships and listed a group of products that colonitsts were permittedto sell only to England
  15. Proprietary Colonies
    Colonies owned and ruled by an individual or a private corporation, rather than crown
  16. Pequot War
    Bloody battles of the 1630s between New England colonists and the Pequot
  17. Matrilineal
    Family arrangement in which children typically follow the clan of their mother
  18. Iroquois Confederacy
    Group of northeastern tribes that joined together to form a political and trading entity and later created an elaborate political system, also know as the Haudenosaunee Confederation
  19. Pueblo PEOPLE
    Southwestern conglomeratin of tribes including the Aace, Navajo, Hopio, Taos, and Zunies
  20. Mali
    Flourishing Islamic kingdom; it enveloped the kingdom of Ghana by the fourteenth/ thirteenth century.
  21. Feudalism-
    System of labor in which a land granted control over a piece of land, and authority over all the lands inhabitants, to an upper class ally or vassal
  22. Renaissance
    Intellectual and artistic reconncection to the age of Greco Roman antiquity, starting in the fourteenth century
  23. Powhatan Confederacy
    Group of six Algonquian villages in present day Virginia, names after its leader
  24. Head Right
    50 acres of land granted by the Virgina Company to any individual who paid his or her own passage across the Atlantic. This put more property in private hands.
  25. Toleration Act of 1649
    Act granting freedom of worship to anyone who accepted the divinity of Jesus Christ. This meant that neither Catholics nor Protestants could be imprisoned for their faith
  26. Mayflower Compact
    An agreement that bound each memeber of the Separatist group in Plymouth to obey majority rule and o promis to defend one another from potential eviction. Precedent for democratic rule in Mass.
  27. King Philips War
    British colonists name for Metacoms War
  28. Great Awakening
    Americas first large scale religious revival originated by preachers who stresses that all were equal in Christ
  29. Intolerable Acts
    Colonists collective label for the Quebec Act and the Coercive Acts
  30. Olive Branch Petition
    Declaration t oKing George 3 that the colonists were sill loyal to him and imploring the king to seek a peaceful resolution to the conflict
  31. Juan De Onate
    first european governor
  32. John Zegner
    set freedom of Press
  33. George Whitefield
    admired by all colonists
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