Theory II

  1. the depression in the gingival tissue under a contact area between the lingual (palatal) papilla and the facial papilla
  2. V-shaped spillway space next to the contact area of adjacent teeth, narrowest at the contact and widening toward the facial, lingual (palatal), and occlusal contacts
  3. a cleft in the gingival margin usually at a mesial or distal ine angle of a tooth where dental floss was repeatedly applied incorrectly. The lining of the cleft can be completely lined with epithelium.
    floss cleft
  4. unintentional incision at the gingival margin due to incorrect positioning and placement of dental floss
    floss cut
  5. the triangular region bounded by the proximal surfaces of contacting teeth and the alveolar bone between the teeth, which forms the base of the triangle; the space is normally filled with the interdental papilla; also called the interdental area
    interproximal space
  6. outer, protective surface of stratified squamous epithelium; covers the masticatory mucosa; interdental col area is not normally ________
    keratinized epthelium
  7. another name for an interdental brush
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