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  1. Acquiesce:
    (verb) to accept or comply tacitly or passively
  2. Append:
    (verb) to attach or affix; to add as a supplement
  3. Attenuate:
    (verb) to lessen the amount, force, magnitude, or volume of; to weaken
  4. Circumlocution:
    (noun) the use of an unnecessary number of words to express an idea; evasion in speech
  5. Coalesce:
    (verb) to grow together; to unite into a whole; to fuse; to join forces
  6. Fait accompli:
    (noun) a thing accomplished and presumably irreversible
  7. Garner:
    (verb) to acquire by effort; to earn; to accumulate or collect
  8. Impede:
    (verb) to interfere with or slow the progress of; to hinder
  9. Inequitable:
    (adj.) unfair
  10. Jingoism:
    (noun) extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked esp. by a belligerent foreign policy
  11. Mirth:
    (noun) gladness or gaiety as shown by or accompanied with laughter
  12. Perish:
    (verb) to become destroyed or ruined; to die
  13. Philanthropy:
    (noun) goodwill to fellowmen, esp. active effort to promote human welfare
  14. Reproachfully:
    (adv.) disapprovingly; scornfully
  15. Sanguine:
    (adj.) confident; optimistic; marked by sturdiness, high color, and cheerfulness
  16. Supine:
    (adj.) lying on the back or with the face upward; exhibiting indolent or apathetic inertia or passivity, esp. mentally or morally slack
  17. Tawdry:
    (adj.) cheap or gaudy in appearance or quality; ignoble
  18. Tenacious:
    (adj.) not easily pulled apart; cohesive, tough, sticky; persistent in maintaining or adhering to something valued as habitual
  19. Wily:
    (adj.) crafty; slick; full of tricks or strategies
  20. Wry:
    (adj.) marked by perversity; twisted; cleverly and often ironically or grimly humorous
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