Ch. 5 personality

  1. Personality development
    Continuities, consistencies, stabilities in people over time, and the way in which people change over time
  2. 3 forms stability: Rank order stability
    Maintenance of an individual position’s within group
  3. 3 forms stability: Mean level stability
    Constancy of level in population
  4. 3 forms of stability: Personality coherence
    Maintaining rank order relative to others but changing in the manifestations of trait
  5. 2 qualities of change: Internal
    Changes are internal to a person, not changes in the external surrounding
  6. 2 qualities of change: enduring
    Changes are enduring over time, not temporary
  7. change 3 levels of analysis: Population level
    Changes or constancies that apply more or less to everyone
  8. change 3 levels of analysis: Group differences level
    Changes or constancies that affect different groups differently
  9. Change 3 levels of analysis: individual difference level
    e.g., Can we predict who is at risk for psychological disturbance later in life based in earlier measures of personality
  10. What are the 3 levels of analysis of change?
    • Population level
    • group difference level
    • individual difference level
  11. Stability over time: infancy temperment
    Individual differences that emerge very early in life, are heritable, and involved behaviors are linked with emotionality
  12. Longitudinal study
    Investigation of same group of individuals over time
  13. 3 main points of personality development
    • Stability
    • change
    • coherance
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