chapter one psychology test

  1. The dicipline concerned with behavior and mental processes and how they are affected by an organism's mental state, physical state, and external enviroment.
  2. false psychology
  3. careful obsevation, experimetation, and measurement result in this
    imperical evidence
  4. In psychology, information is based on
    imperical evidence
  5. wilhelm Wundt was
    the father of psychology; tjhe one who made psycology a science
  6. What was Wundt's term for the breaking down of behavior to its basic sences
  7. what early approach emphesizes behavior and consciousness
  8. who developed the theory of psychoanalysis
    Sigmond Frued
  9. what perspective empasizes physical events
    biological perspective
  10. how would the biological theorists attempting to quit smoking
  11. what perspective emphasizes the past traits of a species
    evolutional perspective
  12. what perspective emphasizes enviroment and experiance
    learning perspective
  13. a theorist that emphasizes rewards and punishments most likely believe in this theory
    learning theory
  14. what perspective emphasizes mental process such as perception and memory
  15. what perspective os based upon early childhood trama and unresolved issues
  16. what perspective emphesizes how individuals react in a social context
  17. these psychologists help people deal with everyday life, such as family problems
    conseling pschologist
  18. clinical psychologists most often have this degree
    doctorite of P. hd
  19. what theropists write perscriptions
  20. uses evidence for an objective judgement
    critical thinking
  21. a statement that attempts to predict or account for phenomena is called
  22. what is an operational definition
    precise meaning for measuring and testing
  23. define theory
    an organized assumtions used to explain things that are thought to be true
  24. a group of participants that accuratley represent the population is called
    representative group
  25. Naturalistic observation
    when the experimentor is unobserved. they are in natural settings
  26. labratory observation
    in a lab; loss of natural behavior; more control of the experi,emt
  27. what do psychological tests measure
    personality, emotions, values, apptitude, and traits
  28. what happens to the control group in an experiment
    nothing; they are not exposed the the variable
  29. define random sample
    the probability that the same thing will happen again and again
  30. what is a placebo
    fale or false variable
  31. when researchers, but not the participants know who is in an experiment, it is
    single blind
  32. when neither knows who is actually in the experiment, it is known as
    double blind
  33. what is the mean in in an experiment
    arithmatic average
  34. define standard diviation
    the average between the score and the mean
  35. what different age groups are compared at the same time
  36. reliable test
    same results over and over
  37. valid test
    measures what it is suppose to measure
  38. what does a positive correlation mean
    hige value on one variable and a high on the other
  39. what is informed consent
    know something about the experiment
  40. what variable is manipulated in an experiment
    independent variable
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