1. jesus ministry began ___
    when he was baptized
  2. baptismal fonts are found___
    in the narthex
  3. why did jesus want to be baptized?
    connect/set an example
  4. when was the HS revealed to the disciples?
    the first pentecost
  5. difference between jew and christian understanding of the HS
    trinity ws not revealed yet in the OT, so the spirit is not a seperate figure of the trinity
  6. why did christians use house churches?
    they were expelled from the synangouges
  7. day of worship
  8. church grows through
  9. eucharist
    sacramental life through which the church grows
  10. era ending
    need arose for documentation of jesus' life
  11. bishop
    tod brown
  12. how did the pentecost transform those present
    gave them courage and wisdom
  13. jesus referred to the kingdom of god as __
    spiritual reality
  14. when would the fullness of the kindgdom take place?
    2nd coming of christ
  15. parables have a ___
    spiritual and literal meaning
  16. 3 stages of NT
  17. types of miracles
    healing, excorcisms, raising from the dead, nature
  18. in johns gospels, he calls miracles, ___
    signs, reveal jesus' identity
  19. what does a parable invite us to do?
    respond to the word of god
  20. evangelists
    matt, mark, luke , john
  21. matthew
    70-85 jewish christians
  22. mark
    62-70 gentile christians
  23. luke
    70-85 greek christians
  24. john
    90-100 all christians
  25. # of letters
  26. who were the letters written to?
    early christians
  27. format of letters
    greeting, prayer, body, remark, farewell
  28. # of catholic epistles
  29. apocalyptic
    revealed/ unveiled
  30. final book of NT
  31. in rev
    apocalyptic, secrets revealed, symbolism from romans
  32. josephus
    jewish culture and faith, reference to death and resurection
  33. tacitus
    historion, nero blamed christians for fire tjhat destroyed rome
  34. pliny the younger
    roman official, advice on how to treat christians
  35. suetonius
    historian secretary, expulsion of jews in rome who followed christ
  36. to believe in god means
    personal relationship
  37. cental mystery of christian faith
  38. trinity =
    creator, redeemer, sanctifier
  39. sacraments of initiation
    bap, conf, euch (forgiveness of personal &original sin)
  40. luke and matthew used
    mark, and Q doc
  41. mission of jesus
    make disciples, baptize them, teach to obey
  42. special garment
    new life in christ
  43. christening
    to join with christ
  44. sunday
    day of the lords resurrection
  45. apostolic succession
    uninterrupted succession of the bishops
  46. parable
    connect the kingdom to everyday life
  47. kerygma
  48. didache
  49. liturgia
    christian worship
  50. miracles
    deeds of power
  51. synoptic gospels
    similar vision
  52. Q doc
    hypothetical source, sayings of jesus
  53. quelle
  54. acts of the apostles
    growth of church under HS 80-100 AD
  55. catholic
  56. gospels
    good news
  57. sister thea brown
    break down racial & cultural barriers
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