1. Seljuk turks
    Dominated the Abbasid dynasty before the Mongol invasion.
  2. Where di the Ottoman Empire originate from?
  3. What accomplishment did Mehmed II achieve in 1453?
    He conquered Constantinople.
  4. Janissaries
    They were in charge of the firearms. Infantry divisions made up of troops of boys in conquered areas.
  5. Vizier
    (wazir in arabic) the overall head of the imperial administration, and he often held more real power than the shah.
  6. After Constantinople was conquered by the Ottomans what did the sultans set about doing to the city?
    rebuilding it.
  7. Suleymaniye
    Most spectacular mosque the Sultans built. It was built at the beheast of the most successful of all sultans, Suleyman the magnificent
  8. Explain how the language of the empire changed by the 17th century?
    Changed to Ottoman turkish.
  9. List the internal problems that led to the decline of the Ottoman empire
    • -Local officials squeezed peasants and laborers for additional taxes and services.
    • -Local officials obtained revenue and kept for their own purposes.
    • -Caged anyone who might be a threat to them coming in thrown.
  10. When did the Spanish lose its dominance of the seas to the spanish in the 16th century?
    1571, Battle of Lepanto.
  11. Explain how the Ottoma Empire was affected by their loss of the monopoly over the Indian trade.
    The west was making money. Merchants and tax collectors in the Ottoman empire lost critical revenues. Silver set off inflationary.
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