EMTB-11 Ch20 Allergic Reactions

  1. Allergic Reaction
    an exagerated immune response.
  2. Allergen
    something that causes an allergic reaction.
  3. Anaphylaxis, aka anaphylactic shock
    severe or life-threatening allergic reaction in which the blood vessels dilate, causing a drop in blood pressure/ hypotension, and the tissues lining the respiratory system swell, interfering with the airway.
  4. Possible causes of allergic reactions
    • -Insects, stings (bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets)
    • -Foods (nuts, eggs, milk, shellfish)
    • -Plants (poison ivy, sumac, oak)
    • -Medications (penicillin)
    • -Dust, chemicals, soaps, makeup, latex
  5. Hives
    Red, itchy, possibly raised blotches on the skin often result from allergic reactions.
  6. Allergic Reaction - signs & symptoms
    • -Skin: itching, hives, redness. Swelling & tingling sensation of face, neck, hands, feet, tongue.
    • -Respiratory. Throat or chest tightness, cough. Rapid, labored breathing. Hoarseness or loss of voice. Stridor or wheezing.
    • -Cardiac: increased heart rate, decreased BP.
    • -Itchy/ watery eyes, headache, runny nose.
    • -Signs & symptoms of Shock.
  7. auto-injector
    a syringe pre-loaded with medication that has a spring-loaded device which pushes the needle through the skin when the top of the device is pressed firmly against the body.
  8. Epinephrine
    a hormone produced by the body. As a medication, it constricts blood vessels and dilates respiratory passages and is used to relieve severe allergic reactions.
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