CFI Physics Vocab 2

  1. Period
    Any given point in space, a periodic wave repeats itself after a time
  2. Frequency
    An inverse of a period
  3. Wavelength
    The distance of a wave, just a period represents time
  4. Reflection
    An abrupt boundary between one medium and another
  5. Refraction
    Traveling in a different direction unless the incident wave's direction of propagation is along the normal a change in propagation direction
  6. Constructive interference
    Super position of a wave that are in waves with one another
  7. Destructive interference
    the superposition of a wave that 180 degrees of a phase
  8. Longitudianl wave
    the motion of particles in the medium is along the same line of the propagation of the wave
  9. Ultrasound
    sound waves above 20kHz
  10. Doppler effect
    The frequency change, the oberserved frequency is different from the frequency transmitted by the source, when the source or the observer are in motion relative to the wave medium.
  11. Temperature
    Thermal equilibrium, a quantity that dertermines when objects are in thermal equilibrium
  12. Heat
    Energy in transit between two objects or systems due to temprerature difference between them
  13. Absolute zero
    • the idea of all molecular matter coming to a complete stop. The lower limit of attainable temperature.
    • 0 degrees K
  14. Ideal gas law
    establishes a relationship between pressure, volume, the amount of gas, and absolute temperature
  15. Internal evergy
    The total energy of all molecules in a system, except for microscopic energy
  16. Specific heat
    The heat capacity per unit mass
  17. Conduction
    takes place within solids, liquids and gases, due to collision between molecules and atoms in which energy is exchanged
  18. Convection
    Involved fluids that carry heat from one place to another. Material moves unlike conduction
  19. Electric conductor
    Materials in which some charge can move easily
  20. Electric insulators
    Materials in which some charge cannot move easily
  21. Electric field
    Electric force per unit charge
  22. Electrostatic equilibrium
    No net motion of charge
  23. Capacitor
    Device that stores potenital energy by soting seperated positive and negative charges
  24. Direct Current
    The current on any branch always moves in the same direction
  25. Alernating current
    Circuits in which the currents occasionally reverses the current
  26. Ohms law
    The current is proportional to change in voltage
  27. Motional EMF
    Induced when conductor is moved in a magnetic field
  28. Faradays Law
    The induced emf due to changing magnetic flux, no matter what the reason for the flux change
  29. Transverse Wave
    The motion of particles in the medium is along the same line of the propagation wave
  30. Electric Potential
    Electric potential energy per unit charged
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