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  1. Chicago as a hub
    central location, waterways, and airport
  2. Growth of Industry
    Helped by Technological advances
  3. Ellis Island
    Immigrants from Europe arrived here, not always accepted by Americans
  4. Angel Island
    Immigrants from Asia arrived here, Chinese began to be excluded
  5. Muckrakers
    Writers, artists, and photographers who exposed problems and inspired reforms
  6. John D. Rockefeller
    Built an trust out of Standard Oil and allied countries
  7. Social Darwinism
    Government should stay out of business, and let the strong rise to the top
  8. Sherman Antitrust Act
    Wanted to pormote fairness in industry
  9. Lewis Hine
    Took Photographs exposing child labor
  10. The Jungle
    Exposed meat packing lack of sanitation. Got the Meat Inspection Act of 1906 passed
  11. Chinese Exlusion Act
    Refusal to let more Chinese into the US and discriminated against Chinese workers
  12. Unions
    Used to win workers' rights
  13. Haymarket Bombing
    Public opposition against labor
  14. Political Machines
    People got jobs and food in exchange for votes
  15. Difference between AFL and Knights of Labor
    Knights of Labor used strikes as a last resort
  16. Graft
    Giving jobs in exchange for votes
  17. Pendleton Civil Service Act
    Applicants for government jobs must pass tests
  18. Square Deal
    Teddy Roosevelt support of labor
  19. Sears-Roebuck
    Catalog created a market for consumer goods
  20. Jane Addams
    Established settlement houses in Chicago
  21. Ashcan School
    Art that depicted realities of cities
  22. Progressive Era Amendments
    Suffrage for women, direct election of Senators, Prohibition
  23. Teddy Roosevelt
    A romantic who fought for the Protection of wilderness areas
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