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  1. cognitive complexity
    explains how out minds process and store simple to complex information
  2. stimulus
    something that incites or quickens action, feeling, or thought
  3. cultural myopia
    perceiving one's own culture as superior and having very narrow or shortsighted view of cultures other than your own
  4. personal-social identity continuum
    two distinct ways that the self can be categorized - at a personal level, which emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual; and at the social identity level, in which the slef is thought of as a member of the group
  5. communication apprehension
    anxiety associated with real or anticipated communication with another person or persons
  6. facework
    a term that is used to describe the verbal and nonverbal ways we act to maintain our presenting image
  7. dialectic
    contradictory impulses that push and pull us in conflicting directions with others
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