test for feb 15th

  1. what is a cholesteoma
    benign cyst in the mastoid cavity
  2. why is gelfoam used
    to reduce edema
  3. what does apnea mean
    not breathing
  4. what does congenital mean
    present at birth
  5. what is the superior opening into the larynx
  6. area commonly refered to as the throat
  7. hemorrhage from the nose
  8. olfactory sense is the sense of what
  9. what is the lowest tracheal carlidge that forms the ridge between the right and left bronchi
  10. what is enlargement of a structure due to increase in size
  11. what are the 3 sections of the pharynx
    • nasophrynx
    • oropharynx
    • laryngopharynx
  12. what tonsils are removed during a tonsillectomy
  13. what are the conchae
    osseous ridges on lateral walls of nasal cavity
  14. reduction of hearing is what
  15. what is the usual cause of a vocal cord nodule
    vocal abuse / over use
  16. in what position is an adult put in if having a tonsillectomy under local
    sitting position
  17. what is the most common site for securing a graft for tympanoplasty (myringoplasty)
    temporalis fascia
  18. what is a panendoscopy
    viewing of esophagus
  19. what structures are removed during a UPPP
    • tonsils
    • adnoids
    • uvula
    • portion of soft palate
  20. whats the structure that seperates the outer and middle ear
    tympanic membrane (ear drum)
  21. name the ossicles of middle ear from lateral to medial
    • malleus
    • incus
    • stapes
  22. what is the 7th cranial nerve called
  23. what does an otoscope show
    view outer ear
  24. why do they not use CO2 on an ear reconstruction
    because it expands the middle ear
  25. what is a tympanotomy (myringotomy)
    incision into the tympanic membrane for removing accumulated fluid as seen in otitis media
  26. what is the apex of the nose
  27. what is the name of the sturcture that divides the 2 chambers of nasal cavity
  28. where are the frontal sinus located
    frontal bone
  29. what is the main source of blood supply to the nose
    internal maxillary artery
  30. the olfactory bulb is the tip of what cranial nerve
  31. what affects the nose throughout the life span
    deviated septum
  32. what is name of procedure used to change the external appearance of the nose
  33. medical term for adam's apple
    thyroid cartilage
  34. where would you find a Zenkers dierticulum
  35. nerve deafness is what kind of deafness
    sensorineural deafness
  36. graft that is harvested prior to start of a stapedotomy is used where
    cover the oval window
  37. which salivary gland is the largest and locaed on lateral side of face anterior to external ear
    parotid gland
  38. which insturment is commonly used to pass graft in ear procedures
  39. what is the major concern when operating on the parotid gland
    facial nerve
  40. which salivary gland is located inferior to the jaw
  41. what salivary gland is located beneth mucous membrane covering the floor of the mouth
  42. what is a symptom of Menier's disease
    tinnitus (ringing of ears)
  43. inflamation of nasal mucosa
  44. name of radical antrostomy procedure to provide adequate visulization
  45. another name for adenoids
    pharyngeal tonsils
  46. nasal polypups are growth that start where
    mucous membrane
  47. what is otosclerosis
    hardening of tympanic membrane
  48. which part of ear responsible for equilibrium
    semicircular canals
  49. largest cartilage in larynx
    thyroid cartilage
  50. where are vocal cords located
  51. acute otitis media left untreated leads to
  52. ulcerations of esophagus are commonly found
    in alcoholics
  53. instruments used to remove packing in septoplasty
    • speculum
    • and
    • bayonet
  54. insturment used to put tension on tonsils
    long allis
  55. patient who is having a Caldwell-Luc is put in what position
    modified supine
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