Air Force

  1. Who was the first CMSgt of the Air Force?
    Paul W. Airey
  2. Who was the first female in the Air Force?
    Esther Blake
  3. When was the Air Force established?
  4. What branch did the Air Force previously fall under and what were we called?
    U.S. Army and called the U.S. Army Air Forces (USAAF)
  5. Who is the Community College of the Air Force accredited through?
    The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
  6. What is an O-6 and what is its rank insignia?
    Colonel and an Eagle
  7. Who is the Secretary of the Air Force?
    Michael B. Donley
  8. What is the motto of the Air Force Pararescue?
    "So that others may live"
  9. Who is the current CMSgt of the Air Force?
    Norton A. Schwartz
  10. How many college credits do you earn for BMT?
  11. What are the Air Force core values?
    Integrity first, Service before self, and excellence in all we do
  12. Where is the Head Quarters for Air Force Special Operations Command Located?
    Hurlburt Field, Florida
  13. Who is Airman 1st Class William H. Pitsenbarger?
    He joined the Air Force in 1962 and attended Army Pararescue school, Survival school, The Navys Scuba school, Air Force Rescue training, Jungle Survival school, Rescue and Medical school, and Air Crash Rescue and Firefighting. He died at age 21 rescuing a wounded Vietnam Soldier from a burning minefield. He recieved the Airmans Medal and Republic of Vietnams Medal of Military Merit and Gallantry Cross with Bronze Palm.
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