Eyes Chpt 12

  1. Eyelids: palpebra
    Inner surface of lid muscle: palpebral conjunctiva
    whole eye that you see between the eyelids: palpebral fissure.
    Inner canthus/outer canthus: where upper and lower eyelids meet. This is where I always pick stuff out of
  2. Lacrimal glands of the eye
    production of tears, lubricate the eye. Tears drain from the superior puncta at the inner canthus through the nasolacrimal duct and the lacrimal sac
  3. Caruncle
    meaty looking thing at inner canthus. contains sebaceous glands, is round and red
  4. 3 layers of the eye
    • 1. tough outer fibrous tunic (sclera)
    • 2. middle vascular tunic
    • 3. innermost layer that contains the retina
  5. Sclera
    tough outer layer that encapsulates the eye
  6. Pigmented, middle, or vascular tunic, uveal layer. Composed of the choroid, cililary body, iris
    choroid is a vascular layer that lines the inner surface of eye. it provides nutrition to epithelium and absorbs light
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Eyes Chpt 12
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