Government Chapter 26

  1. Which of the following is not a form of municipal government in Texas?
  2. The ________________ form of municipal government is the most widely adopted form in Texas.
  3. The council-manager form of government is distinctive in its use of a _______________, who is a professionally trained administrator.
    city manager
  4. Houston, the largest city in Texas, uses the ________________ form of municipal government.
    strong mayor
  5. San Antonio, the second largest city in Texas, has a ______________ form of municipal government.
  6. A _______________ is a unit of local government that performs a single service in a limited geographical area.
    special district
  7. The most common form of special district is the ___________________.
    independent school district
  8. A ________________ offers electricity, water, sewer, and sanitation services outside the city limits.
    municipal utility district
  9. _____________ are the primary source of revenue for special districts.
    Property taxes
  10. A ___________________ is created to promote the coordination of efforts between various units of local government.
    council of government
  11. There are ________ counties in the state of Texas.
  12. Community colleges are governed by a _________________.
    board of regents
  13. Counties have primary responsibility over _________________.
    rural areas
  14. County officials are __________________.
    elected by the voters
  15. The ______________ presides over meetings of the county commissioners' court and has administrative as well as judicial powers within the county.
    county judge
  16. The main duty of the county commissioners is the __________________.
    construction of roads and bridges
  17. Legend has it that the size of counties in Texas was intended to _________________.
    allow the citizens to travel by carriage to the county seat and back in one day
  18. County governments may serve each of the following functions, except ___________________.
    community college administration
  19. In 2002, there were ________________ municipal governments incorporated in Texas.
  20. A city with a population in excess of 5,000 may adopt a(n) _________________, which allows for some degree of self-rule.
    home-rule charter
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