POLI 2051 Test

  1. What is government?
    a formal and established way of making and carrying out political decisions
  2. Why do we have government?
    • * because government can do things for us.
    • *life with out government is worst (we would live in a "state of nature"
  3. What is politics?
    the competition to shape government's impact on society's problems and goals.
  4. social contract theory
    it is not a written contract, rather a general agreement between the people and their government
  5. normative
    the way things ought to be
  6. empirical
    the way things are
  7. purpose of government
    to protect our natural laws
  8. Natural laws
    Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness
  9. What purpose does government traditionally serve? What does the government do?
    • protecting life-authority
    • protecting rights and liberty-Justice system
    • Protecting public goods- roads
    • promoting equality- modern and controversial aspect of government
  10. political ideology
    a coherent sets of beliefs about how policies effect society and which policies are desirable
  11. requirements of democracy
    popular sovereignty, political equality, political liberty
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