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  1. Ten Tribes taken captive
    721 B.C.
  2. Jerusalem and Temple Destroyed by Babylonians
    586 B.C.
  3. O.T. ends
    432 B.C.
  4. Last old testament prophet
  5. creation. flood. tower of babel. Abraham. Isaac. Jacob(Israel). Joseph in Egypt
    Old testament section 1
  6. Moses @ Mt Sinai. land of Canaan. 38 years wandering. Arc of covenant crosses river Jordan. Battle of Jericho.
    Old Testament section 2
  7. Israelites ask Samuel for a king. King Saul. King David. King Solomon
    Old Testament section 3
  8. King Jeroboam->18 more kings//Assyrians conquer and become lost 10 tribes
    The Divided Kingdom
    King Rehaboam->19 more kings//Jerusalem and temple destroyed. Hebrew to Aramaic
    Old Testament section 4
  9. Persians conquer babylonians->Isreaelites allowed to rebuild temple->Ezra commits the to Law of moses->Nehamia rebuilds walls of Jerusalem
    Old Testament section 5
  10. Mark's background and audience
    • Jewish of the original 12. Also called Levi. Spoke to Jewish faith.
    • "That it may be fulfilled"
  11. Synoptic gospels
    Matthew Mark and Luke.
  12. THE Gospels
    Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
  13. Beatitudes, beatus
    interrelated and progressive.certain elements that go to form the refined and spiritual character. happy, fortunate blessed
  14. Inclusio
    • literary system of progression used in Mat 5:3.
    • meek->persecuted
  15. salvation is not found in the law but in
    Christ Mat 5:17-20
  16. Hypocrite
    pretender. greek word meaning a play actor or one who feigns, represents dramatically, or exaggerates a part.
  17. The son of man
    found 83 times in NT as a definite article referring to Jesus as deliverer and judge
  18. God as man of holiness
    Jesus as son of man of holiness
  19. Ancient of days
    Adam who will pass the throne to Jesus the son of man
  20. Apostle (apostolos)
    One sent forth with purpose
  21. Mat 10: 5-8mission of the twelve
    to gather the lost sheep of Israel
  22. Matthew 10:9-42
    the Lord will provide for the needs of the apostles.
  23. Sower 13:3-9, 18-23
    The seeds that fall on various ground. Likened to how we accept the word of the Lord.
  24. The Wheat and the Tares 13:24-30, 36-43
    good seed mixed with evil. Speaks of judgement at the second coming. The evil will be removed and destroyed.
  25. Mustard Seed 13:31-32
    The smallest seed grows the largest plant. Likened to faith as a seed that starts small but becomes the greatest
  26. Leaven 13:33
    The leaven is hidden in three measures of meal and all rises. ?
  27. Treasure in Field 13:44
    When treasure is found the man sells all he has to buy the field that it is in. Speaks of removing all earthly possessions for the kingdom of God.
  28. Pearl of Great Price 13: 45-46
    When treasure is found the man sells all he has to buy the pearl. Speaks of removing all earthly possessions for the kingdom of God.
  29. Net 13:47-50
    The good is retrieved and the evil is cast back into the sea. Judgement when all evil will be cast from God.
  30. Unmerciful Servant 18:23-35
    The man is forgiven his debt but does not forgive the debt of another. Speaks of forgiveness and repentance.
  31. Laborers in the Vineyard 20:1-16
    Each man is payed according to the agreement, not how long they worked. To each what is owed him. Many are called and few are chosen.
  32. Two Sons 21:28-32
    One man does the will of his father and one says he will and then does not. repent and do the will of the father. It is better to act than to seem to be righteous. They did not believe John.
  33. Wicked Husbandmen 21:33-46
    They are to give the head of house but instead they kill the master's servants and son. Even Christ cannot to turn the hardened hearts and thus the kingdom will be taken from the wicked and given to the righteous.
  34. Wedding of the King's Son 22:1-14
    They that were bidden to the wedding did not come were not worthy. Many are called but few are chosen.
  35. Ten Virgins 25:1-13
    Half of the women were not prepared for the coming of the bridegroom. Ye know not the time of the second coming.
  36. Talents 25:14-30
    The man that did not multiply his talents was scorned. Build your talents or you will lose them.
  37. Sheep and Goats 25:31-46
    the goats and sheep were separated. Separation of good and evil. That which is done unto the least is done unto God.
  38. hellenization
    Moving to Greek influence
  39. Scribes
    Those who studied and taught the law
  40. pharisees
    equal value of spoken and written law. believed in immortality and spirits. reduction of religiong to observances of rules and ceremony
  41. sadducees
    Strict letter of mosaic law. refused idea of spirits and immortality.
  42. Sanhedrin
    Jewish senate
  43. publican
    men who collected taxes under the roman gov't
  44. Abomination of Desolation
    Daniel spoke prophetically of the abomination that maketh desolate. Jerusalem under seige or the judgements upon the wicked.
  45. Alexander King of Macedon(the great) B.C.
    met with a high priest so finely adorned that he then reverenced the Jews
  46. Antiochus Epiphanes
    king of syria resolved to destroy Judaeism
  47. Anoint
    To apply oil or ointment.
  48. Anointed One
    Jesus. The one anointed of the father to be his representative in all things. christ->anointed->messiah->anointed
  49. Aaronic priesthood
    priesthood of a lesser power. also levitical.
  50. Abraham
    father of a multitude. father of the faithful. founder of the covenant race which is personified in the house of israel
  51. Covenant of Abraham
    baptised, given the priesthood and sealed in marriage and then promised that all these blessings would be available to his posterity. Christ will come again
  52. Atonement
    the reconciliation of man and God. All shall raise from the dead.
  53. Aramaic
    Official language of the Persian empire
  54. Bethany
    House of dates. Home of Lazarus and Simon. village in which the Lord stayed during Holy Week
  55. Bible
    collection of writings that contain the records of divine revelation. "the books"
  56. Brethren of the Lord
    siblings of Jesus: James, Joses, Simon, Judas.
  57. by and by
    meaning immediately
  58. canon
    greek origin meaning a rod for testing straightness. the standard works.
  59. caiaphus
    sadducee active in attacking Jesus. son-in-law of Annus
  60. Christ
    the anointed or messiah. only begotten of the father in the flesh.
  61. Names of Christ
    Emmanuel, Blessed of God, son of David, Jesus of Nazareth,
  62. Capernum
    village of Palestine where the Lord began His ministry
  63. Centurion
    an officer of the Roman army in command of 100 men
  64. Cephas
    aramaic term for a stone and given to as a name for Simon. Petros is the corresponding Greek term.
  65. Corban
    given to God-the pharisees used this concept to avoid taking care of their own parents as all their belongings were God's and not theirs to use.
  66. Confession
    confess that Jesus is the Christ or a profession of faith. confession of sin.
  67. Cyrene
    A town of libya on the coast of Africa. Home of Simon
  68. Dead Sea Scrolls
    found in 1947 that gave further information about Jews in Jarusalem around the time of Christ.
  69. Devil
    Enemy of righteousness. slanderer, demon, adversary, spoiler.
  70. disciple
    a pupil or learner. Used to denote on of the twelve(apostles) or all followers of Christ.
  71. Dispersion
    Israelites who remained settled in foreign countries after the decree of Cyrus to build a house of the Lord at Jerusalem.
  72. Dog
    derogatory term referring to one who is wild or without a master. In one case Jesus used the term to refer to a household pet.
  73. Sign of Dove
    witness of the holy ghost to signify the truth of a deed such as in the baptism of Christ
  74. Eunuch
    One without the male parts so rendered to be a trusted guard
  75. Elias
    the ancient prophet Elijah. One who is a forerunner.
  76. Elijah
    Jehovah is my God. One who will return.
  77. Elders
    holders of the melchizedek priesthood.
  78. Essenes
    A sect of Jews not mentioned in the NT abstaining from marriage, wine, temple worship, and animal food.
  79. Galilee
    northern most division of Palestine.
  80. Gall
    something bitter
  81. legion
    The chief subdivision of the royal army containing about 600 infantry, with a contingent of cavalry.
  82. Piece of silver
    a silver shekel or stater. Thirty shekels was the price of a slave.
  83. pilate
    roman procurator in Jadaea. Gave the death sentence for Jesus
  84. rabbi
    my master, Jewish title for a teacher.first used in time of Herod the Great. Given to Jesus
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