Physical Science Chapter 6

  1. Solar Collector
    Solar Heating System device that absorbs radiant energy from the sun
  2. Solar Enerfy
    energy from the sun that is free renewable and can be used to heat homes and buildings
  3. insulator
    materials such as fleece or fiberglass that not allowed heat to move easily through them
  4. Convection
    transferring of energy by the mothion of heat particles in fluid
  5. conduction
    the transfer of energy through matter by colliding all particles are in constant motion
  6. Specific Heat
    amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of 1kg of material 1 K
  7. Heat
    Thermal Energy that flows from a warmer material to a cooler material (measured in Joules)
  8. Thermal Energy
    Total energy inclueding Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy of the partial that makes up a material is transferred by conduction, convection, radiation
  9. Temperature
    A measure of the average Kinetic Energy of all the paarticles in an object
  10. Internal Combustion Energy
    a type of heat that burns fel in side the engine
  11. Heat Mover
    Device such as refrgerator that removes thermal energy from one place at a different temperature
  12. Radiation
    transfer of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves
  13. heat engine
    device that converts thermal energy produced by combstion into mechanical energy
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