formation of rimes republic

  1. to gracchi brothers tried to
    bring reforms for the landless farmers
  2. what did the roman senates use to stop the gracchi brothers
  3. what happened to the gracchi brothers
    • one dead
    • one exiled
  4. pompey became a consul in
    52 bc
  5. what happened in 49 bc
    caesar crossed the rubicon river to attack rome and defeat pompey
  6. where did pompey fled to? what happened to him
    • egypt
    • killed
  7. who is the second ruler of rome
  8. what is caesar elected in 46 bc
    dictator for life
  9. what were the thoughts of the people on caesar? senates?
    • they people loved him
    • senates feared him
  10. what happens to caesar in 44 bc
    killed by senate
  11. who is the third ruler of rome
    augustus, octavian
  12. what are augustus reforms
    • new forms of taxes that were equal for all
    • centralized the system of courts
    • made experience and intelligence requirements for holding office
    • tried to lead by example
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