1. aside
    character talks to himself with others on stage
  2. soliloquy
    character talking to himself alone onstage
  3. What kind of poetry does shakespeare write in?
    blank verse
  4. blank verse
    unrhymed iambic pentameter
  5. free verse
    poetry without rhyme or rhythm
  6. what is peculiar about the one time beatrice speaks in poetry?
    • sonnet
    • 2 quatrains and a couplet instead of 3 quatrains
  7. double meaning for "Much ado about nothing"
    • 1. all the trouble is a big deal for nothing
    • 2. nothing=noting (noticing)
  8. Why did Don Jon ruin Hero & Claudio's marriage?
    • He doesn't like Claudio.
    • -claudio took his place
    • -he's closer to don pedro than john is
  9. metaphysical conceit
    extended metaphor. Clever, witty, new; something that hasn't been compared before
  10. valediction
    words of goodbye
  11. metaphysical characteristics
    • no courtly love; requited
    • more serious tone
    • apply religious images & ideas to love
    • conceit through a large part of a metaphor
    • usually uneven lines & uneven rhymes
    • philisophical
  12. pattern poem
    shape contributes to meaning
  13. John Donne loves
  14. cavalier poetry is modeled from
    Ben Johnson
  15. Cavalier poetry is written by a group known as
    Tribe of Ben
  16. metaphysical poetry is modeled after
    John Donne
  17. when was cavalier poetry written?
    1640's, around the English Civil War
  18. English civil war
    • cavalier (king charles) vs. roundheads (parliament)
    • parliament won
    • king charles executed in 1649
  19. What happened after king charles was executed?
    • 1649-1660 -no king
    • Commonwealth (Puritans)- Oliver Cromwell
  20. End of the renaissance
  21. How did the renaissance end?
    restoration of the monarchy (King Charles II)
  22. cavalier characteristics
    • light, carefree
    • less serious
    • not philisophical
    • less clever, no conceits
    • sonnet conventions
    • carpe diem
  23. how did england become a world power?
    • 1588- english navy defeated the spanish armada
    • england had power of the seas -> trade & colonization
  24. who translated the bible
    St. Jerome- latin vulgate
  25. who was the King James bible written by?
  26. what language was the king james bible written in?
    old-fashioned english
  27. How was the king james bible translated/written?
    renaissance- focused on being artistic, rather than accurate
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