Nervous System II - 2

  1. The somatic motor system controls:
    voluntary movements under orders from the cerebral cortex
  2. basal nuclei
    motor coordination system
  3. limbic system
    controls emotion and mood
  4. subcortical structures
    • basal nuclei
    • limbic system
  5. motor coordination loop
    • thalamus
    • basal nuclei
    • cerebellum
  6. corticospinal
    Pertains to the tract between the cerebral cortex and spinal cord. Carries orders for voluntary movements.
  7. corticobulbar
    Spinal cord traact that carries impulses to the brain stem from the motor cortex. Carries orders for voluntary movements.
  8. somatic system
    controls skeletal muscles
  9. autonomic system
    • - controls involuntary muscles (smooth muscles found in structures such as the blood vessels and airways and cardiac muscle)
    • - controls physiological characteristics such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, digestion and sweating
  10. sympathetic system
    controls the fight or flight response
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