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  1. Organisms that play a significant role in the transmission of disease to man are called?
  2. What are economic pests?
    Organisms destructive to structures, stored products, and other material properties
  3. Who is ultimately responsible for pest control on a ship/shore command?
  4. Pesticide dispersal by or under the direct supervision of who?
    Trained and certified personnel
  5. A mist is characterized by droplets of what size?
    50-100 microns in diameter
  6. Droplets 100-400 microns in diameter are classified as&
    Fine spray
  7. What size droplets are considered course spray?
    400+ microns in diameter
  8. What are the following pesticides designed to control?
    • Aracacide- mites, scorpions, spiders, ticks, and related organisms
    • Fungicide- fungi
    • Herbicide- undesired vegetation
    • Insecticide- insects
  9. What is the most widely distributed type of fly?
    House fly
  10. What type of fly is also known as the blue-bottle or green-bottle fly?
    Blow Fly
  11. What is the number one way to control flies?
    Improved environmental sanitation
  12. What pest ranks first in importance among those that transmit disease to man?
  13. True or False: Only female mosquitoes feed on blood.
  14. Where is crab louse found?
    Pubic and anal hair
  15. Where is human louse found?
    On the body
  16. What is pediculosis?
    Infestation of lice on a human host
  17. What pest is not known to carry human disease, but is annoying, and can seriously affect morale?
  18. What type of pest is not directly a vector of pathogenic organisms and is among the most adaptable?
  19. What type of cockroach is the most common indoor species, and especially likes food service spaces?
    German cockroach
  20. Which type of cockroach is a potentially dangerous disease vector due to its favorite habitats?
    American Cockroach
  21. When surveying for cockroaches, what substance can be used to drive them from hiding?
    Pyrethrum, D-Phenothrin
  22. What bait solution is suitable for hospitals and child care centers?
    Combat M
  23. What are the 4 stages of development for ticks?
    Egg, larvae, nymph, and adult
  24. How should ticks be removed?
    Grasp with forceps and pull slow and steady. DO NOT twist
  25. Rat guards should be at least how many inches in diameter and are mounted how far from the closest point on shore?
    36 / 6ft
  26. What type of rat prefers fish and meat?
  27. What type of rat is a good climber and prefers fruits and vegis?
    Roof rat
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