History 2/14/11

  1. John Dewey
    Writer; original contributions to philosophy, education, and other subjects; believed educational theory and practice had to be changed if the nation's schools were to fulfill their role in changing a democratic society; wrote "My Pedagogic Creed"
  2. Walter Rauschenbusch
    Pastor of a Baptist church in New York's Hell's Kitchen; set out to apply the teachings of the Gospels to contemporary urban life; Social Gospelist/Christian socialist; wrote "The Church and the Social Movement"
  3. Lincoln Steffens
    Muckraker famous for his searing accountsof municipal corruption; wrote about how cities were really governed and epitomized the reform-minded journalism that was popular in the Progressive era; literary pieces were collected in "The Shame of the Cities" and he specifically wrote "Tweed Days in St. Louis"
  4. Jane Addams
    Starter of the Hull House; settlement houses helped the poor and gave meaning to the lives of those who served in them; wrote "Twenty Years at Hull House"
  5. Margaret Sanger
    Championed the cause of birth control in the US; she fought against Roosevelt, Comstock law and state laws; wrote "The Case for Birth Control"
  6. Compulsory Sterilization
    Indiana state law allowing sterilization of confirmed criminals, idiots, rapists, and imbeciles
  7. Robert M. La Follette
    Politician on the side of reform and expert administration; became known as the Wisconsin Idea; involved in passing legislation for primary elections and railroad taxation
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