Med. Vocab.

  1. Root aer/o
  2. Root bar/o
  3. Root chrom/o, chromat/o
    color, stain
  4. Root chron/o
  5. Root cry/o
  6. Root electro/o
  7. Root erg/o
  8. Root phon/o
    sound, voice
  9. Root phot/o
  10. Root radi/o
    radiation, x-ray
  11. Root son/o
  12. Root therm/o
    heat, temperature
  13. -graph
    instrument for recording data
  14. -graphy
    act of recording data
  15. -gram
    a record of data
  16. -meter
    instrument for measuring
  17. -metry
    measurement of
  18. -scope
    intsrument for viewing or eamining
  19. -scopy
    examination of
  20. -centesis
    puncture, tap
  21. -desis
    binding, fusing
  22. -ectonomy
    excision, surgical removal
  23. -pexy
    surgical fixation
  24. -plasty
    plastic repair, plastic surgery, reconstruction
  25. -rhaphy
    surgical repair, suture
  26. -stomy
    surgical creation of an opening
  27. -tome
    instrument for incising
  28. -tomy
    incision, cutting
  29. -tripsy
  30. clubbing
    enlargement of the ends of the fingers and toes because of soft-tissue growth of the nails.
  31. colic
    acute abdominal pain associated with smooth muscle spasms.
  32. cyanosis
    bluish discoloration of the skin due to lack of oxygen
  33. diaphoresis
    profuse sweating
  34. malaise
    feeling of discomfort or uneasiness, often indicative of infection
  35. nocturnal
    pertaining to or occuring at night
  36. pallor
    paleness, lack of color
  37. prodrome
    a symptom indicating an approaching disease
  38. sequela
    a lasting effect of a disease
  39. syncope
    a temporary loss of consciousness because of inadequate blood flow to the brain; fainting
  40. alpha-fetoprotein(AFP)
    a fetal protein that appears in the blood of adults with certain types of cancer.
  41. bruit
    a sound, usually abnormal, heard in auscultation
  42. facies
    the expression or appearance of the face
  43. febrile
    pertaining to fever
  44. nuclear medicine
    the branch of medicine concerned with the use of radioactive substances for diagnosis, therapy, and research
  45. radionuclide
    a substance that gives off radiation; used ffor diagnosis and treatment
  46. radiology
    the branch of medicine that uses radiation, such a x-rays, in the diagnosis and treatment of disease
  47. speculum
    an instrument of examining a canal
  48. syndrome
    a group of signs and symptoms that together characterize a disease condition
  49. catheter
    a thin tube that can be passed into the body, used to remove and introduce fluid to the body
  50. clysis
    the introduction of fluids into the body, other than orally, as into the rectum,or abdominal cavity.
  51. irrigation
    flushing of a tube, cavity, or area with a fluid
  52. lavage
    the washing of a cavity, irrigation
  53. normal saline solution (NSS)
    a salt solution compatible with living cells
  54. prophylaxis
    prevention of disease
  55. drain
    device for allowing matter to escape from a wound or cavity
  56. ligature
    a tie or bandage
  57. resection
    partial excision of a structure
  58. stapling
    in surgery, the joining of tissue by using wire staples that are pushed through the tissue and then bent
  59. surgeon
    one who specializes in surgery
  60. AMA
    Against medical advice
  61. AMB
  62. BRP
    bathroom priveleges
  63. CBR
    complete bed rest
  64. DNR
    do not resuscitate
  65. KVO
    keep vein open
  66. NPO
    nothing by mouth
  67. OOB
    Out of bed
  68. QNS
    quantity not sufficient
  69. QS
    quantity sufficient
  70. STAT
  71. TKO
    To keep open
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