world history

  1. australia,canada and new zealand; forged separate "autonomous communities" within the british empire, called the british commonwealth of nations
    settler societies
  2. the 1920s and 1930s shaped by the results of world war 1
    interwar period
  3. promised land reform, limited foreign ownership of key resources, guaranteed the rights of workers, and polaced restrictions on clerical education; marked formal end of mexican revolution
    mexican constitution of 1917
  4. nationalist political form the feastured an authoritarian leader, aggressive foreign policy, and government-guided economiecs; started in italy
  5. founder and dictator of the fascist party in italy
    benito mussolini
  6. mexican revolutionary who led guerrilla fighting in the nortrh; pursued unsuccessfully by the u.s. government in 1913
    pancho villa
  7. emerged as mexico's leaderr at the end of the revolution; wrote a new constitution that promised land reforms.
    alvaro obregon
  8. mixican revolutionary who led guerrilla fighting in the south; motto was "tierra y olivertad"; (land and liberty) demanded oland reform
    emiliano zapata
  9. this mexican politicall party dominated politics from the 1930s to the end of the century
    party of the industrialized revolution (PRI)
  10. millions died in the strugled between the reds (pro-communists forces) and whites (an amalgam of non-communists); the reds won, largely because of the organizational skills of leon trotsky.
    russian civil war (1918-1921)
  11. lenin deputy who organized the red armyu during the civil war and later lost a power struggled to staloin
    leon trotsky
  12. lenin's temporarty measure that allowed some capitalism within a communist framework; food production increased under this program; ended by stalin
    new economic policy
  13. name of he moscow-based multiedthnic communist regime from 1923 to 1991
    union of soviet socialist repuclics
  14. assistant to lenin who beat out trotsky for undisputed control of the U.S.S.R. after lenin's death; installed the nationalisti "socialism in one contry: orogram, collectivization, and widespread purges.
    joseph stalin
  15. western-educated leader of the revolutionary alliance, the guomindang, and at times, chinca, in the 1910s and 1920s; struggled with warlords for control of the nation.
    sun yat-sen
  16. featured intellectuals and students as its leaders;l sank under the weight of problems facing china in the early 20th century
    may fourth movement
  17. leader of chinese communist party and eventuaal dictator of that country.
    mao zedong
  18. nationalist party in china; it was the communist part's greatest rival, yet the guomindang and communists forged an alliance against japanese aggression; the ruling party in mainland china until 1949, it failed to emplement most of the domestic programs in proposed.
  19. successor to sun as leader of the chinese nationalists; fierce oppnent of the communists and mao, yet he formed an alliance with then to fight japan.
    chiang kai-shek
  20. to escape the nationalists, 90,000 mao supporters traveled thousands of miles in 1934 to remote regions; solidified mao's leadership and created much of his myth
    long march
  21. fought over a period of almost 10 years from 1910; resulted in ouster of porfirio diaz from power; opposition forces led by pancho villa and emiliano zapata
    mexican revolution
  22. worldwide economic collapse that began in late 1929 and continued until the outset of world war 2
    great depression
  23. stalin's program to build a self-sufficient communist state based on industrial production
    socialism in one country
  24. the united states answer to the great depresssion, consisting of government assistance to people affected by the crisis and of government reform of economic institutions
    new deal
  25. soviet policy of eliminating private ownership of farmland and creating large state-run farms.
  26. "political bureau" in the U.S.S.R. that was supposed to be the executive committe but in reality was, especially under stalin, a rubber-stamp organization
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