Pen of My Aunt

  1. barbarism
    n: a savage, primitive, uncivilized condition
  2. civilian
    n.: a person who is not on active duty with the military
  3. combatant
    adj.: engaged in combat, fighting; also, ready or inclined to fight
  4. dryly
    adv.: unemotionally, indifferently, coldly
  5. inexplicable
    adj.: incapable of being explained
  6. assenting
    v.: agreeing
  7. contempt
    n.: scorn; disdain for anything considered base or vile
  8. borne
    v.: endured, tolerated
  9. retards
    v.: slows down, delays, hinders
  10. hypothetical
    adj.: assumed to exist; supposed
  11. speculation
    n.: consideration of some subject; guessing
  12. reflection
    n.: careful consideration; the act of thinking; pondering
  13. credentials
    n.: official identification papers
  14. incredulous
    adj.: disbelieving
  15. indignant
    adj.: feeling angry at something considered insulting or unjust
  16. consigned
    v.: handed over; delivered to
  17. belated
    adj.: coming after the customary or expected time; delayed
  18. virtue
    n.: moral excellence
  19. implication
    n.: real meaning of a remark; something implied or suggested as to be naturally inferred or understood
  20. placidly
    adv.: calmly, peacefully, tranquilly
  21. ruefully
    adv.: bitterly and regretfully; sorrowfully
  22. absently
    adv.: inattentively
  23. personnel
    n.: the people who staff an organization
  24. acclimatized
    v.: accustomed to a new environment
  25. fiend
    n.: a cruel or wicked person
  26. deceitful
    adj.: characterized by intentional misleading and concealment of the truth
  27. complying
    v.: going along with; obeying; following someone's wishes
  28. testily
    adv.: irritably; impatiently
  29. manhandled
    v.: handled roughly
  30. absurd
    adj.: utterly, obviously senseless or illogical
  31. miscreant
    n.: a villainous person
  32. tact
    n.: a keen sense of what to do or say to avoid giving offense
  33. blunder
    n.: a gross or careless mistake
  34. blackmail
    n.: agreement or payment obtained from another person by intimidation and threats
  35. anticipated
    v.: foreseen, expected
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