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  1. A standard established by a company
    Company Policy
  2. The act of not providing certain confidential information to those who should not know about it
  3. A situation in which an individual or company engages in behavior that is inappropriate, but not necessarily illegal (it could be illegal)
    Conflict of Interest
  4. The process that protects the ownership rights of writing, songs, and other "creative" works; can include software, music, physical and electronic media
  5. The standards we use to determine what is right and wrong; varies for everyone
  6. An attitude that one's group is superior to others
  7. An organization that represents and manages an area. The area can be a city, state, or country. In the United States, the federal government runs the country. Each state is responsible for operating the state. There can be city, state, or federal laws
  8. Money or other items of value that are "earned" via improper activities
    Inappropriate Compensation
  9. Ideas and concepts created by an individual or company, typically eligible for copyright or patent, thus providing ownership properties
    Intellectual Property
  10. A standar created by a government (e.g., city, state, or country) that requires people and companies to follow it or the behavior is illegal
  11. A document signed by the owner or intellectual property and those who view it when it is not generally exposd to the public, or if it is a new idea, before it is displayed to the public
    Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  12. A legal device which gives ownership of an idea or design to an individual or company that creates the idea or design
  13. A standard that PMI requires candidates to agree to before they take the PMI Exams
    PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  14. Ethics expected in Project Managers; includes balancing stakeholder interests and reporting violations
    Professional and Social Responsibility
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