1. Global view
    Is a way we look at things that include every person and very place on earth
  2. Global Citizen
    An important member of a world wide comunity
  3. Global Village
    World community
  4. Enviroments
    Is the phisical world we live in
  5. Economies
    Are the ways we exchange the natural and human made resources we need
  6. Rights
    Are things are for you to have or be able to have
  7. Universal Decloration Of Human Rights
    Is a written declaration enforcing human writes
  8. United Nations
    The organization that wrote the universal decloration of human rights
  9. Expelled
    If one country attacks a nother country and the attacking country is par of the UN
  10. Charter
    Rules that members of the UN must follow
  11. UNICEF
    United nations childrens fund
  12. Latitude
    Lines of latitude that run north and south of the equater
  13. Longitude
    Lines if longitude that run east and west of the prime meridian
  14. Statisics
    Information that can be described in numbers
  15. Perspectives
    A way you look at things
  16. Center for human rights
    A center located in geneva switzerland and douse lots of the commission on human rights work
  17. Convention on the rights of the child
    United nations list of human rights
  18. Needs
    Things you have to have to survive and grow
  19. Multiculturalism
    Is a way of looking at the world that is opposite of ethnocentric
  20. Ethnocentric
    Is when people think there culture is better than others
  21. Stereotypes
    Makes it seem that all people from a certain place look and act exactly the same
  22. Media
    Is what we call forms of information that many people see every day
  23. Bias
    Is a one sided view of a situation
  24. Racism
    Is people who are racist and judge other people by their culture or skin colour
  25. Identity
    1 as an individual 2 as a member of the groupes to which you belong
  26. Heritage Language
    is the first language of there cultures
  27. Diverse
    Means many different
  28. Generalizations
    Is a main idea that generalization summereizes the facts
  29. Physical enviroment
    Landforms, water bodies, climate, plants, ground and wildlife
  30. Temperature Zone
    Four seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter
  31. Continentail Climate
    Very cold winter and warm summer
  32. Coastel Climate
    Warm summer and mild winter
  33. Subtropical
    Hot summer and cold winter
  34. Typhoons
    Bring heavy rains and strong wind
  35. Natural vegetation
    The plant life that grows in an area
  36. Nartural Resources
    Japans Main " " is the ocean. It provides food
  37. Haiku
    One of the most famous forms of japanese literature
  38. Variables
    Things that could be different. That your generalizations probably wouldn't be very accurate
  39. Gross national Product per capita
    The average income for a person if the money was shared equally
  40. High, Middle, Low-income country
    Catagorizes countries into groupes based on income
  41. Global south
    A group of 128 middle and low-income countries
  42. Quality of life
    All of the benefits a country can give a person in order to become the best thay can be
  43. Human Development Index
    The united nations way of ranking "1" being the best chance of a good life, "174" being a difficult life
  44. Poverty Cycle
    The 4 parts are poor health, little education, little money, and lack of work
  45. Independent
    its own country
  46. Short-term aid
    food and other bacic needs that get sent to a country when a natural disater hits
  47. Long-term aid
    Helps people improve thier community in ways that last for many years
  48. Family Planning
    Allows parents to decide on how many children to have
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