The Green Mamba

  1. dumbfounded
    adj.: astonished; amazed
  2. implement
    n.: an instrument, tool, or utensil used for accomplishing work
  3. wavering
    adj.: feeling or showing doubt or indecision
  4. forlorn
    adj.: miserable; despairing
  5. tread
    v.: set down the foot or feet in walking; step; walk
  6. abruptly
    adv.: suddenly and unexpectedly
  7. malevolent
    adj.: wishing evil or harm to others; malicious
  8. venom
    n.: the poisonous fluid that some snakes and spiders inject into or spray at their victims
  9. arcing
    v.: moving in a curved line
  10. flailing
    adj.: beating or swinging
  11. millimeter
    n.: a unit of length equal to 1/1000 of a meter, equivalent to 0.03937 of an inch
  12. manipulating
    v.: handling or using, especially with skill
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