Vocab 5 Latin

  1. cibus
    cibi, m. food
  2. copia
    copiae, f. supply, abundance
  3. cura
    curae, f. care, concern
  4. forma
    formae,f. shape
  5. numerus
    numeri, m. number
  6. regina
    reginae, f. queen
  7. antiquus
    a, um; old, ancient
  8. clarus
    a, um; clear, famous
  9. planus
    a, um; level
  10. Romanus
    a, um; Roman
  11. etiam
    even, also
  12. postea
  13. in
    in, on
  14. copious
    plentiful; abundant
  15. cornuscopia
    basket overflowing with fruits and vegetables
  16. curator
    one who takes care of a zoo
  17. curious
    marked by the desire to learn
  18. formal
    following standard procedure
  19. reformatory
    penal instution
  20. enumerate
    to list count
  21. nemerical
    of or pertaining to numbers
  22. regina
  23. antiquary
    one who studies ancient time
  24. antiquated
    old, obsolete
  25. clarient
  26. clarion
    medival trumpet with clear, shrill tones
  27. aquaplane
    board pulled behind motorboat
  28. plain
    flat, treeless land
  29. romaine
    a variety of lettuce
  30. romance
    a love story
  31. to romance
    to woo, influence
  32. to reform
    to bring about change for the good
  33. Regina
    capital of Saskatchewan
  34. plane(adj)
    flat surface; tool used for shaping wood
  35. plain(adj)
  36. to plane
    to make smooth
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