Miss Princ.

  1. missio dei
    "everything God does for the communication of salvation"
  2. missions
    the plans of committed believers to accomplish the Mission of God. "the specific work of the church and agencies in the task of reaching people for Christ by cross cultural boundaries."
  3. Mission =
    missio dei
  4. Mission
    the work of God in recounciling man to himself
  5. mission
    "everything the church is doing that points toward the kingdom of God"
  6. missio
    • means to send (Latin)
    • apostello-send (Greek)
    • apostolos (messengers Paul, Barnabus)
  7. missionary
    one who is being sent
  8. Evangelism
    proclaim good news
  9. Israel's purpose
    • light to nations
    • most significiant missionary message of OT prophets
  10. Jonah
    exceptional example of missions in OT
  11. Matt 9:35-38, 24:14; 28:16-20
    making of disciples of ALL nations is teh foundational command. The methods is baptizing and teaching to obey (promise:danger, persecution He is with us) Going imples crossing cultures
  12. Mark 16:15-16
  13. Luke 4:18 -19
  14. Luke 24:26-48
    what will happen, universal scope
  15. John 3:16-17, John 17:18, John 20:21
    Jesus the sent one, sends his disciples. If you are a disciple of Christ, you are sent.
  16. God sent his son ( ), command
    • (mission)
    • going, make disciples
    • baptizing
    • teaching
    • (after baptism)
  17. where are you?
    God searching for (Gen. 3:9)
  18. 1st prophecy of Christ? Protoevangelism "And I will put enmity...."
    Gen 3:15
  19. Gen 12: 3
    God's promise to Abraham
  20. Exodus 3
    Moses is sent on a mission
  21. God's intent was universal
    (Isiah 56:6, Jer 3:17)
  22. Acts 1: 8
    Acts records the history of the early church (history of missions)
  23. Paul's primary concern
    • "beyond winning people to Christ; his ministry focus was on forming comm. of Christians"
    • goal: developing mature believers
  24. New Testament's ___________ mission
  25. Source of mission
    John 3:16-17
  26. Core of theology of mission
    God's glory and our reflection of His glory through worship-winning people to Christ so they may reflect God's glory
  27. Common perception of apostles
    established congregations quickly and moved on
  28. Iconium
    • remained a long time
    • (Acts 14:3)
  29. Corinth
    At least 18 mths (Acts 18:11)
  30. Ephesus
    at least 3 yrs (Acts 20:31)
  31. Timothy
    was told to remain (1 Tim. 1:3)
  32. Titus
    left to Crete (Titus 1:5)
  33. Success and breakthrough come with time needed to
    • identify
    • mature churches
  34. Inclusivism
    may take the form of trying to create a single world religion, or the idea that "our religion can encompass all the others"
  35. Pluralism
    all truths are equally valid. Uniformity and agreement are not the goals
  36. Exclusivism
    "ours is the only true way"
  37. Two verses that indicate Christ is the only way to God.
    • John 14:6
    • Matt. 7:13-14
  38. Problem with Pluralism
    • doesn't take each religion's teachings seriously on their own terms
    • various religions's belief's are mutually contradictory. They can't all be true.
  39. God doesn't answer the question: "How could a good God insist on only one way to be saved?"
    "How could a just God prepare, anyway at all for anyone to be saved?"
  40. God's wrath is revealed not against innocent by against
    ungodliness and wickedness.
  41. wickedness=supressing truth=
    God's existence, his eternal power and deity.
  42. Rom 1:18-25
    • teaches us about general revelation
    • it is for all men
    • it is clear and unambiguous
  43. God's gift of redemption for the lost
    the gospel
  44. Examples of God's call
    • ABRHAM (Gen 12:1; Gen 17:1-2)
    • MOSES (Ex. 3-4)
    • GIDEON (Jud 6:11-14)
    • SAMUEL (1 Sam 3:1-11)
    • ISAIAH (6:8-9)
    • JEREMIAH (1:4-8)
    • EZEKIEL (2:1-3)
  45. Examples of God's call
    • Jesus called his disciples (Mark 1:14-20, Mark 2:13-17 Mark3:13-19)
    • Saul (Acts 9:1-19)
  46. Less "obvious calls"
    • Nehemiah- heard about distress in Jerusalem (Neh 1)
    • Barnabus sent by the church to Antioch (Acts 11:22)
    • Tim goes with Paul (Acts 16) and Paul left in Ephesus (1 Tim.1)
  47. Call of Moses Ex. 3-4
    • I will be with you
    • What is your name?
    • I AM who I AM
    • They wont believe me
    • What is in your hand?
    • I am not eloquent
    • Who made your mouth?
    • Send someone else (better)
    • Ok, but I'm still sending you
  48. 10/40 window
    10th and 40th latitudes, bordered around Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. People that have been unreached.
  49. Contextualization
    Taking the text in a way people can understand (developing church life and ministry that is biblically faithful and culturally appropriate)
  50. Holistic Mission
    Mission that takes into account the whole of human needs: spiritual, social, and personal (evangelism, church planting, development and social transformation).
  51. Incarnational Mission
    Incarnate into the churches: learn the language and culture
  52. Indigenous Church
    self-governing, self-supporting, self-propagating, self-theologizing
  53. Majority World
    developing world, Afericasia, third world, two-thirds world, underdeveloped world, and world A
  54. people groups
    • group defined by ethnic or linguistic terms
    • 12,000 languages
    • 24, 000 people in world
  55. Short-term Missions
    one week to 2 years (church building projects)
  56. syncretisim
    the replacement of truths of the gospel with non-Christians
  57. Tentmaking
    Paul's term in his stay at Corinth when he made tents so to not be burden to the Corinthian church
  58. unreached peoples
    people that have no access to the gospel
  59. postmodern thinking is eroding
    traditional ideas of truth
  60. misunderstanding of missionaries
    • superspiritual
    • misfits in their own culture
    • always good with languages
    • always have a strong call from God
    • no longer needed
    • live in "the bush"
  61. Western missionaries
    • cost too much
    • not exempt
    • "most bang for buck"
  62. how much of the worlds population is packed together in sprawling urban landscapes?
  63. OT
    • creation of fall
    • God's call
    • God's work/rescue
    • God sending people in exile
  64. North American view
    • OT: wrath
    • NT: love
  65. Mission=
    all Christians take part
  66. Protoevangelism
    promise that Jesus will come for all people
  67. God's focus
    universal concern
  68. Most significant mssionary message in OT
  69. Eschatology
    study of the events relating to the return of Christ and the end of history
  70. Roles
    • 1st- adherent, insider (practices, habits)
    • 2nd- seeker or insider
    • 3rd- explorer (if no persuasive element=falls short of God's call to Christians to invite people to repent, turn to Christ, and worship God)
    • 4th-reporter
    • 5th-specialist
    • 6th- advocate of a new religion- most appropriate(proclaimation)
    • 7th-apologist or antagonist
    • 7th
  71. What does it mean to take others relgions seriously?
    • respect
    • humility
    • sensitivity
    • advocacy
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