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  1. word parts of mouth?
    • or/o
    • stomat/o
    • common term?
  2. pharyng/o
    • pharynx
    • WP?
  3. pancreat/o
    • pancreas
    • WP?
  4. an/o
    • anus, ring
    • WP?
  5. chol/e
    • bile/gall
    • WP?
  6. cholecyst/o
    • gallbladder
    • WP?
  7. word parts of large intestine?
    • col/o
    • colon/o
    • commo term?
  8. -emesis
    • vomiting
    • SWP?
  9. enter/o
    • small intesting
    • WP?
  10. esophag/o
    • esophagus
    • WP?
  11. gastr/o
    • stomach
    • WP?
  12. hepat/o
    • liver
    • WP?
  13. -lithiasis
    • presence of stones
    • SWP?
  14. -pepsia
    • digestion
    • SWP?
  15. -phagia
    • swallowing
    • SWP?
  16. proct/o
    • rectum and anus
    • WP?
  17. rect/o
    • rectum
    • WP?
  18. sigmoid/o
    • sigmoid colon
    • WP?
  19. intestin
    • intestine
    • WP?
  20. -al
    • pertaining to
    • SWP?
  21. peri-
    • surrounding
    • PWP?
  22. odont
    • teeth
    • WP?
  23. pancreat
    • pancreas
    • WP?
  24. metabol/o
    • change
    • WP?
  25. -ism
    • condition
    • SWP?
  26. orth/o
    • straight, normal
    • WP?
  27. cheil/o
    • lips
    • WP?
  28. -osis
    • abnormal condition
    • sWP?
  29. myc/o
    • fungus
    • WP?
  30. -rrhagia
    • bursting forth of blood
    • SWP?
  31. xer/o
    • dry
    • WP?
  32. gingiv/o
    • gums
    • WP?
  33. halit/o
    • breath
    • WP?
  34. pyr/o
    • fire, fever
    • WP?
  35. dys-
    • painful, bad
    • PWP?
  36. hiat/o
    • opening
    • WP?
  37. word part for digestion
    • peps/i; pept/o
    • meaning?
  38. aer/o
    • air
    • WP?
  39. hemat/o
    • blood
    • WP?
  40. diverticul
    • diverticulum
    • WP?
  41. col/o
    • colon
    • WP?
  42. dia-
    • through
    • PWP?
  43. cirrh/o
    • yellow, orange
    • WP?
  44. word part for fat, lipid
    • steat/o; lip/o
    • meaning?
  45. -rrhea
    • discharge, flow
    • SWP
  46. melan/o
    • dark, black
    • WP?
  47. labia
    • lips
    • MT?
  48. periodontium
    consists of the bone and soft tissues that surround and support the teeth
  49. TMJ
    • temporomandibular joint
    • abbre?
  50. dentition
    • natural teeth arranged in the upper jaw
    • MT?
  51. edentulous
    • without teeth. sitiation after the natural permanent teeth have been lose
    • MT?
  52. what is the livers function?
    • functions: removing toxins from blood and turning good into the fuel and nutrients the body needs
    • organ?
  53. what is the large instestins function?
    • function: waste products of digestion are processed in prep for excretion through the anus
    • organ?
  54. what are the major parts of large intesting?
    • parts: cecum, colon, rectum, and anus
    • organ?
  55. peristalsis
    • series of wave-like contractions of the smooth muscles in a single direction. food uses this to move down the esophagus with gravity
    • MT?
  56. gastroenterologist
    physican who specializes in diagnosing and treating disease and disorders of the stomach and intestines
  57. internist
    physican who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of the internal organs and related body systems
  58. orthodontist
    dental specialist who prevents or corrects malocclusion of the teeth and related facial structures
  59. occlusion
    • blockage
    • MT?
  60. periodontist
    diental specialist who prevents or treats disorders of the tissues surrounding the teeth
  61. proctologist
    physican who specializes in disroders of the colon, rectum, and anus
  62. aphthous ulcers also known as?
    • canker sores or mouth ulcers
    • MT?
  63. aphthous ulcers
    grey-white pits with a red border in the soft tissues lining the mouth
  64. cheilosis
    disorder of the lips characterized by crack-like sores at the corners of the mouth
  65. stomatorrhagia
    bleeding from any part of the mouth
  66. trismus
    describes any restriction to the opening of the mouth caused by rauma, surgery, or radiation assoc. with treatment of oral cancer
  67. gingivitis
    earliest stage of periodontal disease, and the inflammation affects only the gums
  68. halitosis is also known as?
    • bad breath
    • MT?
  69. halitosis
    unpleasent odor coming from the mouth that can be caused by dental disease or respiratory or gastric disorders
  70. dysphagia
    difficulty in swallowing
  71. gastroesophageal reflux disease
    upward flow of acid from the stomach into the esophagus
  72. GERD
    • gastroesophageal reflux disease
    • Abbrev?
  73. pyrosis also known as?
    • heart burn
    • MT?
  74. pyrosis
    burning sensation caused by the return of acidic stomach conctents into the esophagus
  75. esophageal carcies
    enlarged and swollen veins at the lower end of the esophagus. severe bleeding occurs if one of these veins ruptures
  76. varic/o
    caricose veins, swollen or dilated veins
  77. hiatal hernia
    condition in which a portion of the stomach protrudes upward into the chest, through an opening in the diaphragm
  78. hernia
    protrusion of a part or structure through the tissues that normally contain it
  79. gastroenteritis
    inflammation of the mucous membran lining the stomach nd intestines
  80. anorexia
    loss of appetite for food, especially when cused by disease
  81. anorexia nervosa
    eating disorder characterized by a false preception of body appearance. leads to an intense fear of gaining weight and refusal to maintain norml body weight
  82. bulimia nervosa
    eating disorder characterized by frequent episodes of beinge eating followed by copensatory behaviors such as self-induced vomiting or the misuse of laxatives, diuretics, or other medication
  83. cachexia
    physical wasting away due to the loss of weight and muscle mass that occurs in patients with diesases such as advanced cancer or aids
  84. obesity
    excessive accumulation of fat in the body
  85. aerophagia
    excessive swallowing of air while eating or drinking, and is a common cause of gas in the stomach
  86. dyspepsia is also known as?
    • indigestion
    • MT?
  87. dyspepsia
    pain or discomfort in digestion
  88. emesis also known as?
    • vomiting
    • MT?
  89. emesis
    reflex ejection of the stomach contents through the mouth (vomiting)
  90. hematemesis
    vomiting of blood
  91. hyperemesis
    exterme, persistent vomiting that can cause dehydration
  92. regurgitation
    return of swallowed food into the mouth
  93. diverticulosis
    persence of a number of diverticula in the colon
  94. diverticulum
    small puch or sac occuring in the lining or wall of a tubular organ such as the colon
  95. diverticulitis
    inflammation of one or more diverticula in the colon
  96. enteritis
    inflammation of the small intesting caused by eating or drinking substances contaminated with viral and bacterial pathogens
  97. ileus
    partial or complete blockage of small and/or lage intesting
  98. ulcerative colitis
    chronic condition of known cause in which repeated episodes of inflammation in the rectum and large intesting cause ulcers and irritation
  99. crohn's disease
    chronic autoimmune disorder that can occur anywhere in the digestive tract, however, it is most often found in the ileum and in the colon
  100. CD
    • Crohn's disease
    • abbrev?
  101. volvulus
    twisting of the intesting on itself that causes an obstruction
  102. inguinal hernia
    protrusion of a small loop of bown through a weak place in the lower abdominal wall or groin
  103. melena
    passage of black, tarry, and foul-smelling stools
  104. hepatitis
    inflammation of the liver
  105. jaundice
    yellow discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes, and the eyes
  106. cirrhosis
    progressive degenerative disease of the liver that is often caused by excessive alcohol use or by viral hepatitis B or C
  107. ascites
    abnormal accumulation of serous (watery) fluid in the peritoneal cavity
  108. cholangitis
    acute infection of the bile duct characterized by pain in the upper-right quadrant of the abdomen, fever, and jaundice
  109. cholangi/o
    • bile duct
    • WP?
  110. cholecystalgia
    pain in the gallbladder
  111. cholecystitis
    inflammation of the gallbladder, usually associated with gallstones blocking the flow of bile
  112. cholelithiasis
    presence of gallstones in the gallbladder or bile ducts
  113. chole
    • bile or gall
    • MT?
  114. anoscopy
    visual examination of the anal canal and lower rectum
  115. esophagogastroduodenoscopy
    endoscopic procedure that allows direct visualization o the upper GI tract which includes the esophagus, stomach, and upper duodenum
  116. duoden/o
  117. hemoccult test
    laboratory test for hidden blood in the stools
  118. -occult
    • hidden
    • SWP?
  119. colonoscopy
    direct visual examination of the inner surface of the entire colon from the rectum to the cecum
  120. sigmoidoscopy
    endoscopic examination of the interior of the rectum, sigmoid colong, and possibly a portion of the descending colon
  121. sigmoid/o
    • sigmoid colon
    • WP?
  122. antiemetic
    medication that is administered to prevent or relieve nausea and vomiting
  123. anti-
    • against
    • PWP?
  124. emet
    • vomit
    • WP?
  125. -ectomy
    • surgical removal
    • SWP?
  126. palat/o
    • palate
    • WP?
  127. gastrectomy
    surgical removal of all or part of the stomach
  128. gastrostomy tube
    surgically placed feeding tube from the exterior of the body into the stomach
  129. -ostomy
    • surgically creating an opening
    • SWP?
  130. gastroduodenostomy
    establishment of an anastomosis (surgical connection between two hollow or tubular structures) between the opper portion of the stomach and the duodenum
  131. anastomosis
    • surgical connection between two hollow or tubular structures
    • MT?
  132. proctopexy
    surgical fixation of a prolapsed rectum to an adjacent tissue or organ
  133. -pexy
    • surgical fixation
    • SWP?
  134. procto/o
    • rectum
    • WP?
  135. choledocholithotomy
    incision into the common bile duct for the removal of gallstones
  136. choledoch/o
    • common bile duct
    • WP?
  137. lith
    • stone
    • MT?
  138. nas/o
    • nose
    • WP?
  139. ile
    • ileum; small intestine
    • WP?
  140. hemorrhoid
    • piles
    • MT?
  141. -rrhaphy
    • surgical suturing
    • SWP?
  142. cholecystectomy
    surgical removal of the gallbladder
  143. -otomy
    • surgical inscision
    • SWP?
  144. -plasty
    • surgical repair
    • SWP?
  145. bariatrics
    branch of medicine concerned with the prevention and control of obesity and associated diseases
  146. herpes labialis is also known as?
    • cold sores or fever blisters
    • MT?
  147. herpes labialis
    blister-like sores on the lips and adjacent facial tissue that are caused by the oral herpes simplex virus type 1
  148. xerostomia is also known as?
    • dry mouth
    • MT?
  149. xerostomia
    lack of adequate saliva due to diminished secretions by the salivary glands
  150. morbid obesity
    condition of weighing two or three times, or more, than the ideal weight or having a body mass index value greater than 39
  151. eructation
    act of belching or raising gas orally from the stomach
  152. amebic dysentery
    transmitted by food or water that is contaminated due to poor sanitary conditions
  153. botulism also known as?
    • food poison
    • MT?
  154. botulism
    rare, but very serious, condition transmitted through contaminated food or an infected wound
  155. cholera
    transmitted through contact with contaminated food or water
  156. salmonellosis also referred to as?
    • salmonella
    • another term?
  157. salmonellosis
    transmitted by food that is contaminated by feces
  158. nasogastric intubation
    placement of a feeding tube through the nost and into the stomach
  159. borborygmus
    rumbling noise caused by the movement of gas in the intesting
  160. cholangiography
    radiographic examination of the bile ducts with the use of a contrast medium
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