Science Chapter 4 5th grade

  1. The heart, blood and blood vessels are part of which body system?
    The circulatory system
  2. What is the correct patch of the blood through the heart and lungs?
    Right Ventricle, Artery, Left Ventricle, Lung, Aorta,
  3. What are the smallest blood vessels in the body?
  4. What gas passes from the blood into the body's cell?
  5. Where does oxygen enter the bloodstream?
    air sacs
  6. When you inhale your _____ contracts
  7. Where does the digestion of food start?
  8. Where does food enter the blood vessels?
    In the villi in the small intestine
  9. What is the job of the kidneys?
    To remove wastes from the blood
  10. Through which structure does food pass from the mouth to the stomach?
    The Esophogus
  11. Which part of the digestive system absorbs some water from waste?
    The large intestine
  12. How do the digestive and circulatory systems work together to get food to your body's cells?
    • The digestive system breaks down the food into a form that your body can use.
    • The circulatory system brings food to each cell in your body.
  13. Explain the role of the respiratory system in the human body.
    • The job of the respiratory system is to:
    • To supply oxygen to the body's cells . 2. To eliminate carbon dioxide from the body.
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Science Chapter 4 5th grade
Science chapter 4 5th grade