Two Quiz Molecular

  1. How do you get DNA out of the cell?
    • Mechanically- Blender
    • Chemically- enzymes and detergents
  2. What are enzymes that glue fragments of DNAcalled?
    DNA ligase
  3. What do blunt ends require to keep them stably glued?
    T4 DNA ligase (viral)
  4. How do we separate DNA fragments?
  5. Restriction Buffer provides optimal conditions with NaCl, Tris-HCl and Mg2+. What do each of these do?
    • NaCl- correct ionic strength
    • Tris-HCl- proper pH
    • Mg2+ - enzyme co-factor
  6. What is a restriction map?
    A diagram that shows the location of RE cut site on pieces of DNA sequence
  7. What is a vector?
    It is a DNA vehicle to deliver DNA into a host cell
  8. What are the requirements to work with plasmids?
    • Detect presence of the vector
    • Direct selection method for cells
    • Insert genes into vector
    • Detect the presence of an inserted gene
  9. What is transformation?
    Putting the cloned genes into bacteria
  10. What is the charge of nucleic acids?
  11. What is southern blotting used for?
    Locate a particular gene
  12. What is PCR used for?
    • Clinical diagnosis
    • Genetic analysis
    • Genetic engineering
    • Forensic analysis
  13. What do we need for PCR?
    • Template
    • Primer (forward and reverse)
    • Enzyme
    • Nucleotides
    • PCR machine
  14. What are the three steps of PCR?
    • Denaturation
    • Annealing
    • Extension
  15. What do we use degenerate primers to find?
    DNA sequence of an organism
  16. What are the 2 major steps required for purifying DNA?
    • Centrifugation- separation by density
    • Chemical Extraction
  17. What are the two types of restriction enzymes?
    • Type I- cuts DNA faraway
    • Type II- middle of recognition site (blunt and sticky end)
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