Gene Mapping

  1. What are syntenic genes?
    genes on the same chromsome
  2. What does theta measure?
    frequency of recombination
  3. What does it mean when theta is
    • 0--loci too close for recombination
    • 0.5-- recombination occurs, no linkage
  4. When theta is 0.5 what is the ratio of recombinant to non-recombinant chromosomes?
  5. What does it mean :
    When alleles are said to be in coupling?
    When alleles are said to be in repulsion?
    • Coupling--cis-- on the same chromosomes
    • Repulsion--trans--on different chromosomes
  6. A set of alleles in coupling at a neighboring loci are called what?
  7. What is done to measure large distances?
    measure distances between many close markers and add them together
  8. Does theta underestimate or overestimate the true genetic distance?
  9. What is the relative risk ratio?
    expresses the extent to which an allele increases the risk of disease
  10. What causes the length of a genetic map to be longer in females than in males?
    more recombination points in females
  11. Mapping the location of a disease gene by linkage analysis followed by attempts to identify the gene based on its map position is called?
    Positional cloning
  12. Interstitial deletion?
    deletion not involving the terminal part of the chromosome
  13. Elevated beta hcG, snowstorm appearance on sonogram?
    • duplication of male chromosomes
    • hydatidifrom mole
  14. Stratification
    marrying within a community
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