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  1. If a death occurs outside these areas, with the exception of Guam what certificate should be prepared?
    Certificate of Death (Overseas), DD 2064.
  2. what is the dd 565?
    Statement of Recognition.
  3. how many dd 2064 accompanied the remains when transfered from a overseas activity to a conus point?
    3 signed copies
  4. At least how many dd 565 should be with the remain when transferred from overseas?
    2 copies
  5. When death is the result of a contagious or communicable disease, remains, after embalming, should be?
    placed immediately in a transfer case or casket. The transfer case or casket should be closed immediately and a gummed 2" x 4" label, marked �CONTAGIOUS� should be affixed to the outside of the receptacle at the head end.
  6. Personnel serving on active duty at the time of their death are eligible for a headstone or marker provided by?
    The VA
  7. DD Form 1375?
    Request for Payment of Funeral and/or Interment Expenses
  8. DD Form 2063?
    Record of Preparation and Disposition of Remains (Within CONUS).
  9. There are three classifications of national cemeteries?
    • 1. Open (Active)�Cemeteries with grave spaces available.
    • 2. Closed (Inactive)�Cemeteries without grave spaces available.
    • 3. New (Inactive)�Cemeteries planned but not yet opened.
  10. At the discretion of the Chief Memorial Affairs Director, unmarried adult children of eligible individuals may be buried in any open national cemetery except which one?
  11. DD 891?
    Record of identification preocessing- dental chart.
  12. When will the remains will not be accepted for burial at sea?
    When the mortician is unable to arrest the odor of remains.
  13. If gasket don't sink what should you do?
    Co will initiate recovery and drill more holes
  14. How many holes are drill in a gasket and what size?
    20 holes and 2 inch
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