Wine Foundation 7.txt

  1. Name a way to combat Pierce's disease
    Pruning the vine, and clay-type, organic sprays
  2. Define biodynamic
    Combination of organic farming and nature's rhythm
  3. State the purpose of dry farming
    Stresses the vines, forcing the roots to go deeper, promoting photosynthesis and fruit production. Results in better quality and concentration of fruit.
  4. Define 'green harvesting' and state its purpose
    Thinning of the vines by removing some clusters prior to ripeness, usually in Spring, enabling the remaining cluster to fully develop. Can be used under less than ideal weather conditions or to increase the quality of the grapes on particularly vigorous vines.
  5. Define brix
    • Unit of measure for sugar content in grape
    • Tools include hydrometer, refractometer
  6. Name a method of dealing with mildew in the vineyards
    • Cut leaves, enable air flow around grapes
    • Use of mined or elemental sulfur
  7. Define 'cover crops' and state their purpose.
    Plants placed around vines to prevent soil erosion and in some cases replaces nutrients in the soil ex: legumes add nitrogen
  8. Name an additive that can eliminate spoilage & oxidation of the must & wine
    Sulphur Dioxide
  9. Define 'cold soak' & state its purpose
    Bringing temperature of fresh grapes down to prevent fermentation and allow skin color and flavor extraction
  10. Define 'punching down' & state its purpose
    Breaks up the cap and mixes juice for better color and tannin extraction
  11. Define 'sur lie' & state its purpose
    Wine aged on its yeasts and solids to impart aromatics and develop complexity
  12. Define racking
    Process of removing sediment during barrel aging by transferring clean juice from one barrel to another. Introduces slight oxidation/aging of the wine.
  13. Name a fining agent
    Egg whites, gelatin, silica, pig snouts!
  14. State what causes tartrate crystals in a finished wine
    • Acid instability in wine with high potassium or acid
    • Usually seen as crystals on bottoms of corks or in sediment
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