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  1. Every item in the Federal Supply Catalog is identified by?
    A NSN 13-digit stock number
  2. A National Stock Number consist of?
    4 digit federal supply class and a 9 NIIN
  3. The NIIN national item identification number consist of?
    A 2 digit National Codification Bureau NCB and 7 digits to identify each NSN item in the federal supply distribution system
  4. Cognizance symbols consist of what two parts?
    one numeric and alphabetic character
  5. what letter is use when an item must be kept frozen for preservation?
  6. what letter is use when alcohol, alcoholic beverages, precious metals, or other substances requiring vault storage and Schedule II?
  7. DD Form 1348
    is used as a requisition;requisition follow-up, modification, or cancellation;and tracer request on overdue shipments sent by insured, registered, or certified mail
  8. DD Form 1149
    Requisition and Invoice/Shipping Document use this form to procure GSA contract items such as medical books, journals
  9. How many Force/Activity Designator (F/AD) are there?
    6 numbered in roman numeral
  10. DD Form 1348-6 is use for?
    Non-NSN Requisition
  11. A bulkhead-to-bulkhead inventory of a specific storeroom is conducted when?
    a random sampling of that storeroom fails to meet the inventory accuracy rate of 90 percent
  12. What is the NAVSUP 1220/2?
    Allowance of change
  13. Who approves revisions for AMALs and ADALS?
  14. Who must approved higher stock lvl quantities above allowance of controlled medicinals?
    Type Commanders TYCOMS
  15. Who distribute, coordinates, reviews, manages amals and adals?
    NAVMEDLOGCOM naval medical logistics command
  16. What established the min quantity of medical and dental equipment and consumables that fleet and FMF units must maintain?
    AMAL and ADALS
  17. when must CNO approve revisions to amals/adals?
    when cummulative cost is over $100000.
  18. Amal and adal replacement equipment costinng less than $5000 must be paid by which fund?
  19. What is the min supply an amal and adal must have? In days?
    60 days
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