History 18.4

  1. Plebiscite
    popular vote by ballot
  2. Annex
    add a territory to an existing state or country
  3. Continental System
    blockade designed ny Napoleon to hurt Britain economically by closing European ports to British goods; ultimately unsuccessful
  4. Guerrilla Warfare
    fighting carried on through hit-and-run raids
  5. Scorched Earth Policy
    military tactic in which soldiers destroy everything in their path to hurt the enemy
  6. Abdicate
    to give up or step down from power
  7. Legitmacy
    principle by which monarchies that had been unseated by the French Revolution or Napoleon were restored
  8. Concert of Europe
    a system in which Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Great Britain met periodically to discuss any problems affecting the peace in Europe; resulted from the post-Napoleon era Quadruple Alliance
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History 18.4
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