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  1. The process of formally receiving the work of the Project or Program - The work should be complete and fulfill the needs for which it was created
  2. Requirements that are defined to be completed before the work can be accepted
    Acceptance Criteria
  3. An approach in which a previous project of similar characteristic is used to obtain the values (duration, resources, budget, etc.) for the current project being planned
    Analogy Approach
  4. An approach in which the team or at least the Project Manager is involved in deciding on and estimating the individual pieces of the project to create the summary estimate
    Bottom-Up Approach
  5. The process of documenting the needs of the stakeholders that align with the project objectives
    Collect Requirements
  6. The process of maintaining and adjusting the scope of the project as approved
    Control Scope
  7. The process of dividing deliverables and work into smaller components for easier management
    Create WBS
  8. The process of breaking down the work of the project into smaller more controllable pieces
    Decomposition (Technique)
  9. The process of developing a project scope statement
    Define Scope
  10. A key piece of work for the project; can be physical work, a process, a document, or other measurable result of work
    Deliverable (Output/Input)
  11. A technique to attain consensus within a group of experts; typically used to gain vision about future direction or development
    Delphi Technique
  12. A major achievement on a project; usually occurs after a series of activities leading up to its completion; has zero-days duration and could be related to a "Deliverable"
  13. A component of the work breakdown structure that has known work but no detailed activities
    Planing Package
  14. The measurable, definable work of the project
  15. The work required to create the products, services, and or results of the project
    Project Scope
  16. Processes associated with determining and controlling what a project includes or does not include
    Project Scope Management
  17. Document that explains how to establish a scope statement and requirements, create the WBS, validate that deliverables were built correctly, and address scope-related changes to the project
    Project Scope Management Plan
  18. Document that develops and help attain buy-in on a common interpretation of project scope
    Project Scope Statement
  19. A need that must be completed to attain project goals; could be business or technical
  20. A matrix that shows the origin of project requirements and tracks them throughout the project life cycle
    Requirements Traceability Matrix
  21. The desired outcome of the project; the work that will be encompassed in the project and the final product or service
  22. Original (or approved revised) definition of the scope the project should create; can include project scope statement, work breakdown structure (WBS), and WBS dictionary
    Scope Baseline
  23. An approved change to the scope of the project
    Scope Change
  24. Unauthorized request for change that usually occurs in a project as time evolves
    Scope Creep
  25. The document that details the work that must be done to provide a specified product or service
    Scope Management Plan
  26. The point at which a WBS is created with the major (or bigger) pieces, then they are broken down into the smaller pieces
    Top-Down Approach
  27. The person, division, or company that will be the user or owner of the product when the project is complete
  28. The process of evaluating something that was created in the project to ensure that it meets the needed requirements for formal acceptance
    Validation (Technique)
  29. The process of evaluating something that was created in the project to ensure that it meets the specified conditions
    Verification (Technique)
  30. Gaining approval of the project scope deliverables as they are completed
    Verify scope
  31. A tool that works with the WBS to ensure that the right work happens in the right order by the correct resources; helps improve the quality of work by verifying that the needed conditions have been met before future work begins
    WBS Dictionary
  32. An organized breakdown of the total work scope of the project, with each level of descent providing a greater level of detail and the deliverable being a key focus
    Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  33. A unit of work that makes up the work breakdown structure
    Work Breakdown Structure Component
  34. A deliverable at the smallest level of the WBS; represents the completed piece of the project from the culmination of a series of activities being complete
    Work Package
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