MOA Chapter 26 vocab

  1. Autopsy Report
    Medical report that provides details about the cause of a person's illness and death through internal and external examination findings.
  2. Certified mail
    Special mail-handling methodused to prove an item was mailed and received.
  3. Cluster Scheduling
    Appointment scheduling technique that groups several appointments for similar types of examinations; also called categorization scheduling.
  4. Consultation report
    Medical report written by a specialist who sees a patient referred by a primary physician and then returns care to the primary physician
  5. Discharge summary
    Medical report that provides a comprehensive review of a patient's hospital stay
  6. Double Booking
    Appointment schedulingtechnique that schedules more ahan one patiend during the same appointment time period
  7. Established patient
    Patient who has received professional services from the physician or the medical office in the past 3 years
  8. full-block format
    Letter format that has all lines flush with the left margin
  9. History and physical (H&P) report
    Medical report that consists of a patient's subjective and objective data
  10. Matrix
    Format used to mark off or reserve time in a schedule
  11. Medical practice information booklet
    Booklet or brochure that provides nonmedical information for patients about standard office policies
  12. Modified-block format
    Letter format in which all lines are flush with the left margin except the first line of new paragraph, date, closing, and signature (which is centered)
  13. Modified-wave scheduling
    Appointment scheduling technique based on the theory that each patient visit will not require the allotted time.
  14. New Patient
    Patient who has not received professional services from the paysician or the medical office in the past 3 years.
  15. Open-hour scheduling
    Appointment scheduling technque that allows patients to be seen without an appointment.
  16. Operative report
    Medical report that lists a surgical procedure performed, any pathologic specimins, the findings, and the medical personnel involved
  17. Progress notes
    Written findings of a patient's condition
  18. Registered mail
    Special mail-handling method used when the contents have a declared monetary value
  19. Time-specified scheduling
    Apointment scheduling technique that provides a definite time period for the patient to be seen.
  20. Wave scheduling
    Appointment scheduling technique that divides an hour block into average-appointment time slots
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