OH 103

  1. Canary Island Date Palm
    Phoenix canariensis

    lg. pineapple shape on tall trees at top, younger trees look like pineapples
  2. Mexican Blue Palm
    Brehea armata

    Medium height, large base, blue V shaped palmate leaves.
  3. Lady Palm
    Rhapis excelsa

    Indoor house plant. Narrow and thin leaves in palmate shape.
  4. Japanese blueberry tree
    Elaeocorpus decipiens

    Patio tree, cream colored sm flowers with furry looking frawns inside them. Sm blue berry fruit in summer, not palettable. Rust colored leaves in fall
  5. Sabal Palm
    Sabal palmetto

    Medium palm, green or blue fans. thread like filaments growning between them.
  6. Sago Palm
    Cycus revoluta

    Stiff deep green feather like leaves. smaller size.
  7. Pygmy Date Palm
    Phoenix Roebelenii

    Small, hairy multi trunked
  8. Date Palm
    Phoenix dactylifera

    Tall, no large pineapple below leaf line, produces the edible date fruit.
  9. Mediterranean fan palm
    Chamaerops humilis

    Multi trunked medium sized. Same tree on corner of building at Moon Valley nursery.
  10. Mexican Fan Palm
    Washingtonia Robusta

    Tall, narrow trunk, large teeth
  11. Windmill Palm
    Trachycarpus fortunei

    Leaves flop over.
  12. Strawberry Tree
    Arbutus unedo

    Bush or tree forms. Small latern shaped flowers before producing small red fruits.
  13. California fan palm
    Washingtonia filifera

    Tall, fat, swollen looking trunk.
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