Italian Verbs Ch1-6

  1. abitare
    to live/dwell
  2. amare
    to love
  3. arrivare (essere)
    to arrive
  4. ascoltare
    to listen (to)
  5. aspettare
    to wait for
  6. avere
    to have
  7. ballare
    to dance
  8. cantare
    to sing
  9. cenare
    to dine; to have supper
  10. cercare
    to search; to look (for)
  11. cominciare
    to begin; to start
  12. comprare
    to buy
  13. desiderare
    to want/wish/desire
  14. dimenticare
    to forget
  15. domandare
    to ask
  16. entrare (essere)
    to enter
  17. essere (essere)
    to be
  18. fare
    to do; to make (hacer)
  19. giocare
    to play (sport/game/etc.)
  20. guardare
    to watch; to look at
  21. guidare
    to drive
  22. imparare
    to learn
  23. insegnare
    to teach
  24. invitare
    to invite
  25. lavorare
    to work
  26. mangiare
    to eat
  27. pagare
    to pay
  28. parlare
    to speak
  29. pensare
    to think
  30. portare
    to bring
  31. pranzare
    to have lunch
  32. sperare
    to hope
  33. stare (essere)
    to stay
  34. studiare
    to study
  35. suonare
    to play (an instrument)
  36. telefonare
    to phone
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