Lesson Two Vocab

  1. metamorphosis
    def: a transformation or dramatic change

    syn: mutation
  2. donnybrook
    def: a fight; an uproar

    syn: brawl; quarrel; altercation
  3. nonchalant
    def: unconcerned; indifferent

    syn: detached; relaxed
  4. vestige
    def: a trace or evidence of something that once existed

    syn: remnant; hint
  5. interlocutor
    def: someone who participates in a conversation
  6. procrustean
    def: disregarding individual differences or circumstances

    syn: ruthless; coldhearted; non-discriminating
  7. stygian
    def: dark and forbidding

    syn: shadowy
  8. sophistry
    def: a deliberately deceptive or misleading argument

    syn: chicanery; ruse
  9. carte blanche
    def: boundless authority; unlimited power to act

    syn: license; sanction; free rein
  10. incantation
    def: a chant; a recited magical spell

    syn: invocation; spell
  11. cosmopolitan
    def: worldly, sophisticated

    syn: cultured
  12. rife
    def: abundant; prevalent

    syn: overflowing; rampant
  13. nomenclature
    def: technical names or naming system in an art or science

    syn: terminology
  14. brigand
    def: a robber or bandit

    syn: highwayman; outlaw
  15. contemptuous
    def: haughty, scornful

    syn: arrogant; derisive
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