biology 1114

  1. The independent variable is the
  2. The dependent variable is the
  3. ID: Theory
    An explanation for a natural phenomenon.
  4. ID: Controlled Experiment
    An experiment in which only one variable is tested.
  5. ID: Thermoregulation
    Control of an animal's body temperature.
  6. ID: Homeostasis
    The ability of an organism to maintain constant body temperature, fluid balance, and chemistry.
  7. ID: Metabolism
    The biochemical reactions of a cell.
  8. ID: Counter-current exchange
    Arrangement in which two adjacent currents flow opposite directions and exchange materials or heat.
  9. ID: Cell
    Basic unit of life.
  10. ID: Molecule
    A group of joined atoms.
  11. ID: Producers
    Also called autotrophs, extract energy from the nonliving environment.
  12. ID: Consumers
    Also called heterotrophs, obtain energy by eating nutrients that make up other organisms.
  13. ID: Control
    An element not being tested to provide a basis of comparison.
  14. ID: Solvent
    A chemical in which other substances dissolve.
  15. ID: Solutes
    Dissolve in the solvent.
  16. ID: Solution
    Consists of one or more solutes dissolved in a liquid solvent.
  17. ID: Hydrophilic
    Substances that dissolve in water.
  18. ID: Hydrophobic
    Substances that do not dissolve in water.
  19. ID: Cellular respiraton
    The set of metabolic reactions and processes that take place in the cells of organisms to convert biochemical energy from nutrients into ATP, and then release waste products.
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