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  1. Relics of Feudalism
    • aristocratic privileges
    • were obligation of the French peasants to local landlords
  2. Estates
    the three orders that France's population was divided into

    (from the period of the middle ages to the creation of the french republic)
  3. The Bourgeoisie
    • members of the French middle class
    • part of the third estate
  4. sans-culottes
    • members of the Paris commune
    • (because of their pants)
  5. factions
    • dissenting groups
    • during the National convention
    • disagreed over the fate of louis XVI
  6. coup d'e'tat
    • an overthrow of the french govt.
    • Napoleon seized power
  7. consulate
    a new govt. in which Napoleon had absolute power
  8. Nationalism
    the cultural identity of a people based on common language/religion/national symbols
  9. The declaration of rights of man and citizen
    proclaims freedom and equal rights for all men, access to public office based on talent and an end to exemptions from taxation
  10. Start of the French Revolution
    Storming of the Bastille
  11. National Assembly made:
    • Dec. of Man and citizen,
    • church reforms
    • new constitution
  12. Why was Loius XVI executed
    • guillotined
    • he was distrusted by most of the national convention
  13. Robespierre and the Committee of Public Safety would execute....
    opponents of govt. and the opponents of the san-culottes
  14. How did Napoleon assume power in France and become emperor
    • overthrew the Directory
    • became a regular consul
    • eventually consul for life
    • crowned himself emperor
  15. Why war w/Austia and other countries
    Marie Antionette was from Austria

    (nationalism didn't help!)
  16. Purpose of the continental system
    • stop british goods from reaching Europa and cause Britian's economy to weaken
    • failure= allied states wanted to trade w/britian
  17. Why was french invasion of Russia a fail
    • very costly
    • many deaths
  18. elector
    individuals who qualified to vote in an election
  19. Before the french revolution starts what kind of govt. does france have?
    absolute power = absolute monarchy

    "old regime"
  20. What does the royal family do when Louis's powers are lessened?
    run to Austria = fail :)
  21. What happens to the Royal Family after being captured?
    forced to Paris and seperated
  22. Maximillan de Robespierre
    • skilled young lawyer and politician who stood up for the third estate
    • "the incorruptable"
    • heart of the revolutionary govt.
    • Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite
  23. George Jacques Danton
    • minister of justice
    • loud
  24. Robespierre's initial view on the death penalty
    against it
  25. what changes does Robespierre want for France
    • universal sufferage
    • end to remnence of medival past
    • constitution monarchy
    • increased freedom of the press
    • end to slavery in the west indies
  26. Why was the guillotine invented
    more humane way of killing
  27. Two countries at war with France and how was the war going
    Austria and Prussia

    • Not doing too great but not too many casualties
    • (Boarders were shrinking)
  28. The first people executed by the guillotine
    the royal guards
  29. Who were the san-culottes and what did they do to political prisoners and nobles in September of 1792?
    • a radical group
    • they were killed/slaughtered if they said anything bad about the revolutionary govt.
  30. The National Assembly is now called the National Convention. Robespierre who once supported the idea of a constitutional monarchy, and who was once against violence, now lead France into a period of violence. What happens to the king?
    • Found Guilty of Treason
    • Killed by the guillotine
  31. Who is Marat? Describe the purpose of his newspaper.
    • A newspaper writer who wrote of people plotting against the revolution. He urges the people to take more action
    • "The Friend of the People"
  32. Who killed Marat? Why? What happened to her?
    • Charlotte Corda
    • he was responsible of many many deaths
    • she was executed!
  33. What happened to Marie Antoinette?
    • She is executed
    • guilty of treason
    • (accused of having incense with her son- not true though!)
  34. By 1793, what other European Nation has entered in the war against France?
    Great Britian
  35. Danton and Robespierre agree that a more violent stage is needed to pull France together. This is the "Reign of Terror". Describe the people who are arrested and executed.
    • Anyone suspected/accused of being against the revoltuion
    • (no using words such as Madame- only citizen!)
  36. A new governing group is formed called the Committee of Public Safety. What has happened to the principles of the Declaraion of the Rights of Man?
    it is suspended
  37. What finally happens at the front with the French Army? Who in particular is winning battles against France's enemies?
    France is winning battles = Napoleon Bonaparte
  38. What leader wants to end all the violence by the spring of 1794? What happens to him?
    • Danton
    • "Treason"= DEATH
  39. What happens to Robespierre? What happened after Robespierre died? What foreshadoing is there for the future of France after the
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