Lesson One Vocab

  1. camaraderie
    def: rapport and goodwill

    syn: friendship; amity
  2. frangible
    def: fragile; easy to break

    syn: delicate; breakable
  3. litany
    def: any long, repetitive, or dull recital
  4. moratorium
    def: a suspension of activity; an authorized delay

    syn: postponement; cessation
  5. zealous
    def: fervent; fanatical

    syn: passionate; enthusiastic
  6. desiccate
    def: to dry out; to remove moisture

    syn: dehydrate
  7. wrenching
    def: causing mental or physical pain

    syn: distressing; agonizing
  8. replete
    def: full; abundant

    syn: supplied; abounding; rife
  9. interminable
    def: tiresome and long; seemingly endless

    syn: tedious
  10. arable
    def: suitable for cultivation of land

    syn: fecund; fertile
  11. lugubrious
    def: mournful, gloomy

    syn: somber; depressing
  12. truncate
    def: to shorten

    syn: abridge; abbreviate
  13. ubiquitous
    def: occurring everywhere; omnipresent

    syn: universal
  14. vernacular
    def: everyday language

    syn: dialect
  15. equanimity
    def: composure; calmness

    syn: sanfroid; poise
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